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Scoot: Why New Orleans IS a Family Destination

5.24.12 - Contrary to what many people believe, New Orleans IS a family destination city!  Again today on his ESPN radio show host Colin Cowherd blasted New Orleans as a city that is not good for families to visit.  Cowherd has been talking about the possibility that the Pro Bowl would be held in New Orleans before the Super Bowl next year and that the Pro Bowl is a family event and New Orleans is NOT a family destination.

Cowherd said players bring their families to the Pro Bowl and no players are going to want to bring their families to New Orleans.  The ESPN host says people of New Orleans, who are reacting to his comments, are overly sensitive because everything he says is true.

I can accept that some people love this city and some people, even many who live in the metro area, hate this city.  But I will not accept a national radio host denouncing New Orleans as a family-friendly city, when history proves him wrong.

When we talk about New Orleans as a city that may be the best city in the country for hosting any major sporting event and a city that’s a wonderful destination for families, we’re not speculating, we have the facts and the history to prove it.

There is no city in America that can handle crowds the way we do and there is no city in the country that knows better how to act at a big celebration.  Following the Thunder beating the Lakers in Oklahoma City a few nights ago, eight people were shot during the celebration.  And there are countless stories of violence in major cities following sporting events.  If any city was starved for a championship, it was New Orleans.  Look at the facts about how we handled the celebration after the Saints won the Super Bowl.  And look at how we acted, as a city, following the disappointing loss to Alabama in the BCS Championship earlier this year.

I’m not sure why ESPN host Colin Cowherd verbally attacked the City of New Orleans, but his criticism of the city is baseless and ignorant.  The facts denounce his comments.  New Orleans is one of the oldest cities in America and many generations of children have been raised here.  I now live downtown and I constantly see visiting families walking around downtown and the French Quarter.

We can all admit that there is an “adult” side of the French Quarter, but generations of families have made the Quarter a destination for a vacation, an overnight trip or just to come to the city from the suburbs for the day.  If you are of the opinion that New Orleans is not for families, you have been sadly misinformed.

I often talk about all the things there are for families to do in our city.  The French Market, Royal Street, Jackson Square, the ferry, the Aquarium, the Riverfront, historic St. Charles Avenue, the D-Day Museum, Magazine Street are just a few things families can enjoy.  And then there’s the unique, historic nature of the French Quarter.  I have fond memories of my parents taking us downtown and through the Quarter as kids.  New Orleans is reflective of old world Europe and its right here.  As a parent you have no idea what your children will grow up and do with their lives. 

Exposing your children to the architecture and eclectic diversity of the French Quarter may have an impact on who they become in life, and as parents we contribute to the character of our children by exposing them to different things.
Colin Cowherd said he would never bring his family to New Orleans.  I feel badly for children who are raised in a home with parents who so shelter their children that they actually rob them of experiencing enriching aspects of life – like New Orleans!

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05/23/2012 6:44PM
Scoot: Why New Orleans IS a Family Destination
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05/23/2012 9:45PM
I live in the CBD with my wife and sons ages 17 and 15. We have lived there full time for over 3 years and part time for 12 years. They walk their dogs in Lafayette Park at 5 AM or 10 PM without fear because there is no crime in downtown New Orleans. My boys walk to the Hilton to play tennis, the CAC for dance lessons, the Dome for Saints games, the arena for Hornets games, the French Quarter to visit their sister and attend events, the Riverfront for the Sugar Bowl, BCS, Final Four, French Quarter Festival, etc. They go to the Zoo and Aquarium. We ride bikes to Jazz Fest and City Park. A northerner like Colin would never understand the charm and hospitality of New Orleans and the South. His loss, our gain. Do you think he will cover the Super Bowl? and Pro Bowl?
05/23/2012 9:52PM
Oh. And by the way I DJ on the street in downtown NOLA every Mardi Gras in from of my home between Julia and Girod without incident and we entertain our family, friend and their children. AND, Colin, you can eat your heart our when the NEW ORLEANS SAINTSwin the Super Bowl in their home town despite Roger (go to hell) Goodell, for the first time in history and a million fans celebrate with their kids and nothing bad happens.
05/23/2012 9:56PM
And, I'm less offended than I am amused by your pretension and ignorance. I've travelled in every state in the continental US and have never been to a more enchanting and safe city than NOLA.
05/23/2012 10:47PM
Excellent blog, scoot. Thank you for being a fine spokesperson for new orleans
05/23/2012 11:30PM
from Mary Ann in Algiers
Great comments by Scoot. Mr. Cowherd's comments are so annoying because they are based upon 2 false conclusions: (1)That because New Orleans has the highest murder rate, then the entire city must be dangerous, and (2) that Bourbon Street is the sum total of everything there is to do in New Orleans. The murder hot spots are not those that our visitors and tourists frequent. That is NOT to say that there isn't a problem, but rather that murder here is not typically random, and is tragically more frequent in some communities, where the perpetrator and the victim are often known to each other, and deadly force has been chosen to settle disputes and/or exact revenge, or eliminate witnesses. The problem has plagued our city for decades and is the product of a web of poverty, single parenthood, and drugs, among other causes. And we are hardly the only city with this problem. However, one can decry that situation and still acknowledge that in most areas of our city, violent crime is rare. This should not be mistaken for complacency towards the problem, but rather an honest assessment of it. Are there places where you shouldn't be wandering around at night, particularly if you are alone and/or inebriated? Yes. Again, show me a city where that isn't the case. As for being kid friendly, I remember way back in 1970 when we were about to host our first Super Bowl, the wife of the Vikings' coach said she wasn't bringing her children because there is nothing for children to do here. It is so sad that the city is still commonly perceived as no place for kids. Perhaps the family angle deserves more marketing by the Convention and Vistors Bureau. There is SO much to do here! The most obvious are the Zoo, Aquarium, Children's Museum, Insectarium, City Park (with its pedal boats and Carousel Gardens and Story Land), ferry boat rides, riverboat rides, the Riverwalk, Swamp tours, Chalmette Battlefield, World War II museum. To name a few! My granddaughters live in Houston and when they come to visit, we do what we call the “Princess and the Frog” tour. (That is a Disney animated movie based on a New Orleans character.) We go to the French Quarter, St. Louis Cathedral, the French Market, get beignets, ride the street cars – all things the characters did or places that formed the backdrop for the movie. They never tire of it! Mr. Cowherd , bring your family on down and we'll show you all around! I'll resist the temptation to pull your wife aside and tell her what your comments truly reveal: that you apparently have never strayed far from the racier parts of the quarter on previous visits. Or will I ????
05/24/2012 12:44AM
Regionally, New Orleans is a top draw, right up there with Houston and Atlanta and Miami and Disney World. Nationally, New Orleans is known for its food, its jazz, Mardi Gras and tits and puking all over the French Quarter. Grown-up stuff. Is this perception fair? Better question: Why do you care? The Pro Bowl is a failure and is better off canceled. You’ve got more important things to get riled up about.
05/24/2012 3:22AM
If NOLA was a Family Destination, why did Saints Coach Sean Payton buy a house in Dallas?
If NOLA was a Family Destination, why did Saints Coach Sean Payton buy a house in Dallas?
05/24/2012 3:26AM
The French Quarter is dirty, Homeless/Beggers all over the place, streets totally broken, and still
Going to the French Quarter and all you have a homeless asking you for money. Yeah, that's the ADULT element where parent can teach their kids if you have fraternity party for the last 40 years and don't grow up, you will end up like the homeless that sit 24 hours in the French Quarter begging for money.
05/24/2012 3:33AM
NOLA Family Destination? How many Fortune 500 companies in NOLA? What about Chrevron?
Dream on to those who think NOLA is a Family Destination Place. If that was really TRUE, why did so many residents MORE and LIVE in Jefferson and St. Tammany Parish? And why their population is 3 to 5 times larger than NOLA even before Hurricane Katrina.
05/24/2012 3:34AM
Family Destination? Ha! Try HOMELESS DESTINATION
New Orleans is a HOMELESS DESTINATION, not a Family Destination as it caters to the lazy and those on government assistance and you can see the Homeless on most of the Main Street in New Orleans with their "Will work for food" signs 24 hours a day.
05/24/2012 3:41AM
Many of the last Generations of New Orleans have LEFT New Orleans for a real FAMILY LIFE
Dear Can't Handle the Truth, Let face it. Those with children have left in very large numbers. The only children left are the blacks who generally don't believe in marriage or monogamy and have abandoned them, literally, and so their kids run around the streets all day to be the next generation of thugs. By the way, those abandoned houses? Go see who owns them and you will see it's a lot of black landlords who will rent to anyone and everyone via Section 8 and the like, BUT live in a totally different state only to collect a RENT check from the government via Section 8 and the like.
05/24/2012 3:48AM
If French Quarter is a Family Destination, why does it have a 16 and under CURFEW law?
Answer: The French Quarter and Bourbon Street has an Under-Age Curfew law for kids under 16 after 8pm. Hardly a Family Destination if you have to an Under Age Curfew and you ARREST those under the age of 17 for being their after 8pm without a parent.
05/24/2012 3:51AM
New Orleans is more of a "broken" family destination or a "abandonded kids" dest
Family Destination? Let's be more accurate and realistic. New Orleans is more of "broken" family destination or a "abandonded kids" destination than a family destination.
05/24/2012 3:56AM
If NOLA is a Family Destination, where are the 130,000 thousand family members who left after Hurric
If NOLA is a Family Destination, where are the 130,000 thousand families who left after Hurricane Katrina? It's been almost SEVEN YEARS. Shouldn't the 130,000 family members have arrived at their NOLA's FAMILY DESTINATION by now?
05/24/2012 8:42AM
The 8 comments after Fletcha's were obviously all written by the same person.
05/24/2012 10:17AM
The Times Picayune has been CUT back to 3 days a week. Lots of Familiies reading the local newspaper
Let's face it, NOLA residents are SO IN LOVE with the FOOD and ARCHITECTURE can they can not see REALITY and DO NOT WANT TO SEE the reality. Same with the Times Picayune, until it couldn't PAY it's employees. You see all that EDUCATION and PUBLIC housing editorials the Times Picayune has publishing for the last 30 years, well guess what? It only resulted in a POPULATION of ILLITERATES, almost all BLACK, some white, but mostly BLACKS and BLACK THUGS who now hate the world and can only look at photos of yesterday's Saints game. See all those SERVICE and HOSPITALITY workers in the French Quarter. How many do you think can even READ the Times Picayune, as opposed to looking at Saints stats or advertisements? Do you actually see them even OPEN the newspaper or carry a laptop and read NOLA.com as opposed to watching a Hip Hop You Tube Video? I don't. There are even BLACK NICELY DRESSED LADIES who are very polite, who PRETEND to READ the Times Picayune and CUT COUPONS but can't even read the paper. And what about all this MIXED INCOME HOUSING, shouldn't they be reading something instead of HANGING OUT on the PORCH, like PORCH MONKEYS, all day dealing and doing drugs? (BTW, I don't make up that phrase.) And what about the OLDER BLACK MEN who SIT on the MEDIAN/NEUTRAL GROUND all DAY, do you see them reading the newspaper or teaching the young black men? NO, cause they themselves or either not respected by them, or have very little to teach in the first place. And that's the reality and as you can see, it's getting worse in NOLA when it can't support a DAILY NEWSPAPER.
05/24/2012 1:06PM
The Family Destination created by the Times Picayune
The Times Picayune is supposedly read by FAMILIES but of course, they have support broken, out of web-lock families only to THEIR own demise as now these self-inflicted black impoverished families can't even READ or WRITE and can only get minimum wage tourist and hospitality jobs. And those skilled labor contractors can't even do the construction job properly because they are too lazy or their minority boss, manager, owner is just plain corrupt and cuts corners all the time cause the money is government tax payer money. Plus, the Times Picayune catered to the BLACK MINISTERS of NOLA who should be all about FAMILY LIFE without investigating them all these years because of their bleeding hearts. So, now, the Times Picayune has to REAP what it SOWED. A below poverty population that can't READ or WRITE and businesses who can't survive or advertise cause their employees don't show up on time or even to work at all and their customers are all on EBT, food stamps and spend all day playing the lottery or video poker.
05/24/2012 2:44PM
Family Destination? Try this: The New Orleans Mission at 1129 Baronne Street New Orleans, LA 70113
It's really the New Orleans Mission...actually the HOMELESS MISSION as well as BRIDGE HOUSE.... New Orleans 'Homeless' Mission 1129 Baronne Street New Orleans, LA 70113, Bridge House 1160 Camp Street New Orleans, LA 70130 Yes, tryvisiting with your kids to those FAMILY DESTINATIONS and ask your parents how did these homeless and drug addicts drop to that level in the first place?
05/24/2012 6:22PM
Judging from the last 3 posts...
The Rant Man hath awakened after a late night and still loves his CAPITAL LETTERS !
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