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Scoot: Who Do You Blame For Saints Loss?

10.29.12 scoot@wwl.com - It’s difficult to express in mortal words how disappointed Saints fans are about the loss to the Broncos on Sunday Night Football.  Grant it, the Broncos are a very good team with a great quarterback in Peyton Manning.  But on every level the loss was a certified disappointment.
Who do you blame most for the Saints poor performance Sunday and the 2 – 5 start?

A)    Coaching
B)    The Players
C)    Commissioner Roger Goodell

Given that multiple choice, I know many Saints fans will immediately blame Commissioner Goodell.  I watched the game and as much as we’d all like to blame Goodell for everything, the burden of the Saints failure so far this season, especially Sunday night, falls on the players.

Roger Goodell hurt the Saints with suspensions following the controversial “bounty scandal” investigation, but Saints players have not lived up to their potential.  Roger Goodell didn’t miss tackles in the game against the Broncos and he didn’t commit penalties or drop passes. Even Drew Brees over and under threw.  And, if there was a turning point in the game, it was the 4th and 2 situation, when Brees made a poor decision to throw an interception rather than take advantage of what seemed to be an opening to run for the 1st down.

At his press conference following the game, Interim Coach Joe Vitt seemed frustrated and said he needs to “educate” the team about what to do on the field.  Educate?  You mean they don’t know what to do?  The campaign with Coach Payton’s picture with the mantra “Do your job” now seems shallow hype.  They are paid to “do their job,” and paid to make tackles and catches and it is their job to at least act like they are as good as we know they are.

Football is played by humans and there will always be human era.  Even Drew Brees is human and makes mistakes, as we all do in our jobs.  And since we are not robots, we can’t always be expected to do our best, even when it really matters.

Even though there have been some moments of brilliance during this 2 – 5 start, the Saints let the fans down Sunday night against the Broncos.  There is a lot of talk from Saints players about how they are “family” and they will come together.  Didn’t we hear that before the season began?

One final thought:  We don’t know who was to blame for the ridiculous extended negotiations that eventually led to Brees signing his mega-contract, but it seems obvious now that the long period of negotiations, which kept Brees out of early workouts with the team, had a negative impact on everyone – even the fans.  We were all right to wonder why “it was taking so long” to sign Brees.  I realize football is a business for both sides, but if it weren’t for fans, they wouldn’t be in business.  We have been let down….at least, for now.

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10/29/2012 6:00PM
Scoot: Who Do You Blame For Saints Loss?
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10/29/2012 11:16PM
saintz fan
human era?
10/30/2012 7:32AM
10/31/2012 7:09AM
Still a Fan
I thought Chris Ivory was going to get playing time? Ingram isn't doing the job and if Brees has to pass 50 times a game, winning will be much harder.
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