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Scoot: What We Can Learn From the Olympics

8.13/12 scoot@wwl.com - As the Olympics came to an emotional close I thought about things we can all learn from these worldwide competitions.

The Olympics display a human striving for excellence, but not all of us have the opportunity or finances to divorce life and focus on perfecting one achievement.  I’m not taking anything away from the incredible accomplishments of these athletes, and I applaud their sacrifices and resolve, but let’s not beat ourselves up because we don’t win Olympic gold.

What we learn from the Olympics is to work to be the best we can be at whatever we do.  We can also look for those moments in our personal and professional lives when we are winners. Maybe we don’t literally stand on a podium with a medal around our necks, but there are many moments when we should give ourselves credit for winning “gold” in the course of our lives.

Maybe that “gold moment” comes when you watch your child graduate or go off to college or when you close a big sale or reach a personal or professional milestone.  Though the world may not be watching, celebrate the moments in life when you win “gold!”  And I’m sure you’ve won more than one “gold moment.”

The other great lesson we learn from the Olympics is that the spirit of competition unites the world.   While we are proud of our nations, boundaries subside in honor of individual and team efforts.  We celebrate victories…we glorify the moment…no matter who’s the winner.

Coverage of news events through mass media often serves to remind us of our differences.  The Olympics remind us that we inhabit this planet more as individuals or teams trying to achieve our best, than as divided nations.

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08/13/2012 7:36PM
Scoot: What We Can Learn From the Olympics
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