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Scoot: Straight to the point!

I want to set the record straight about why I am passionate about a controversial issue that often leads to criticism and questions.

Last night on “The Scoot Show,” I talked briefly about the controversy over comments made by 49ers cornerback Chris Culliver.  During Media Day in the Mercedes-Benz Superdome Tuesday, Culliver was asked if there were any gay players on the 49ers team by comedian Artie Lange. Culliver said, “We ain’t got no gay people on the team. They gotta get outta here if they do. Can’t be with that sweet stuff.” When asked if a gay player should keep his orientation a secret, Culliver said that gay players should not come out of the closet until 10 years after they play in the NFL!

Yesterday, the 49ers immediately issued a statement denouncing those comments and stated that the organization does not tolerate discrimination on any level.  Late yesterday, Culliver issued a statement apologizing for the comments and said it wasn’t until he saw what he said in writing that he realized how ugly and hurtful his comments were.  Today, Culliver appeared very remorseful and said he barely slept last night.

That was a story from Super Bowl week in New Orleans that was getting a lot of attention and on my show I talk about things people are talking and thinking about.  In the past few years one of the big controversies in the news has been the battle over same-sex marriage.
After talking about Culliver’s comments last night, I received a text on the air from a listener who wanted to know if I was gay, since I often talk about gay issues. When I talk about gay-related issues, it is because those are issues in the news sparked by individuals or groups with agendas on both sides.  I do not look for reasons to talk about “gay issues.”
Not that it should matter, but I am not gay and by saying that I am NOT insulting gays and lesbians. To quote Lady Gaga, “Baby, I was born this way,” and I assume you were also born with your sexual orientation.

So, if I support same-sex marriage, why ask if I’m gay?  In all the times I have received similar texts from listeners it did not occur to me how ridiculous that question is – until last night!  I constantly denounce racism.  Some people don’t know what I look like – why am I not asked if I am black?  I support President Obama’s plan for a moratorium on deporting many illegal immigrants – a plan many Republicans are now behind.  Why am I never asked if I’m Hispanic? I support the 2nd Amendment – but I’m never asked if I’m a gun collector or a hunter.  I oppose discrimination against the building of Mosques in America – why am I not asked if I’m Muslim?

The one thing I try not to be is hypocritical.  I’m consistent on most issues.  It’s obvious that I oppose discrimination against individuals and groups, even though I may not be able to personally relate to specific victims of discrimination.
If a supporter of the 2nd Amendment doesn’t want the government to control legal behavior concerning guns, then how could that same person support the government intervening in the private sex life of two consenting adults?  And, if a gay person wants the government out of their life, then they should support a law-abiding citizen’s right to own a gun.

It may appear as if I have nothing to personally gain from my support of gay marriage or my denouncement of discrimination against blacks, Hispanics or Muslims, but I have a lot to gain – as do you.  We should all strive to live in a nation where there is no accepted discrimination of individuals or groups - even if we don’t understand the behavior, habits and rituals of others. Anything short of achieving that goal defies the very principles of the United States of America!

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01/31/2013 7:38PM
Scoot: Straight to the point!
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02/01/2013 6:40AM
Straight to the point
Very well said. Cindy in Ponchatoula
02/01/2013 7:24AM
Scoot: Straight to the point!
Given all of the problems we face today, same sex marriage should not even be a blip on the radar. We all have much more pressing issues with which to occupy our time and effort. You have stated on your shows in the past, how we must be tolerant and accepting of Muslims, who are tolerant and accepting of NO ONE. Do you think a same sex marriage will ever take place in a mosque? When do you plan to take those of the Islamic faith to task over their intolerance? It is time to show how "non hypocritical" you really are. BTW, I texted a similar message to you last night, and I notice you did not read it on the air.
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