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Scoot: Same-sex marriage doesn't threaten me

With members of his administration publicly supporting same-sex marriage, and following North Carolina’s passage of an amendment that bans it, President Obama said today that he personally supports marriage for same-sex couples.

Until now, the President has stopped short of endorsing same-sex marriage, but has admitted that his view has been “evolving.”  Now, Obama publicly supports legal marriage for same-sex couples.  

Whether same-sex marriage should be a political issue during a presidential campaign is inconsequential…It HAS become a campaign issue. First, the Republicans elevated it to a political issue with their opposition to gay marriage. Now, the Democrats appear to be making support of gay marriage the issue.

A new Gallup poll shows that 50% of Americans support same-sex marriage and 48% oppose it. In the past few years, support of gay marriage has been increasing. I would hope this president or any president would reveal their views on issues, not based on public opinion polls, but based on their honest beliefs. Maybe that’s asking too much!

My view on same-sex marriage has always been clear and definite.  I think it’s a threat to our overall freedoms to ask for laws that control behavior which occurs in the privacy of individuals’ lives. The only thing that separates heterosexuals and homosexuals is the physical nature of their private sex life. You may not agree with things that some people do in the privacy of their sex lives, but that should be of no concern to you. The truth is, there are expressions of sexual behavior that many heterosexuals participate in that are equal to the sexual activities of homosexuals.  To believe such physical activity is acceptable for heterosexuals but not for homosexuals is the very definition of discrimination.

No one is asking you to change your religious views or your personal relationship with your moral values, but there is historic precedent in this country that guarantees individuals the right to live a life free from government intrusion. The U.S. Supreme Court’s decisions on birth control, interracial marriages and sodomy laws has set a definite precedent that the rights of individuals must be respected, even if you disagree with certain behaviors.

I may not always agree with the decisions of individuals, but I do agree with their freedom to make decisions independent of government scrutiny.

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05/09/2012 6:37PM
Scoot: Same-sex marriage doesn't threaten me
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05/09/2012 7:04PM
To all Christians out there calling for blood, get some perspective
To the homophobes and bigots: history has always favored justice, and this is another step in that direction. Stop teaching your children to hate people, and follow Christ's words. If you want to follow the Old Testament about not laying with another man, then don't cut your hair, wear cotton/poly blends, or allow women to speak... all in the Old Testament. Justice will prevail. Right on, Mr. President
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