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Scoot: Petty Politicians say - Hillary is a lesbian ? Obama is gay

As speculation grows about Hillary Clinton seeking the Democratic presidential nomination in 2016, the pettiness of name-calling may be showing signs of increasing.

A few weeks ago, Bryan Fischer of the American Family’s Association, said Hillary Clinton would not only be the first female president – but she would also be America’s first lesbian president.  Fischer also said on a radio talk show that Bill Clinton’s alleged ex-mistresses were told by Bill that Hillary was bisexual.

In her op-ed piece on the FOXNews.com website, Diana Falzone writes about the strong possibility that if Hillary Clinton does become the Democratic presidential nominee, there will be many attacks on here sexual preference and her appearance.  A reporter for the San Francisco Chronicle recently tweeted out a picture of an anti-Hillary button that read, “KFC Hillary Special: 2 Fat Thighs/2 Small Breasts…left wing.”

Falzone believes the personal attacks on Clinton, as a powerful politician with the potential to become president, expose the “myth of gender equality in the United States.”

While I do agree that Hillary Clinton will be the target of crude and derogatory comments about her sexuality and her appearance, personal attacks do transcend gender.  The personal criticism of President Obama that I witness as a radio talk show host ranges from his skin color to his alleged Muslim faith to his sexuality.  Interestingly, there is absolutely no evidence that would suggest Obama is Muslim or gay – other than the nonsensical ravings of those who lack the intelligence to rise above petty condemnation.

Name-calling and personal attacks also reach across political lines.  President George W. Bush was the target of extremely hateful and personal criticism.
Even if it is on a subconscious level, many Americans degrade and attack things they don’t understand and things that represent change.  As a nation, we instinctively protect the status quo.  The election of Barak Obama as America’s first black president was, and still is, a shock to many Americans.  The thought of a woman being elected president is equally unsettling to many people in this country.

There will be those who will try to argue that they just don’t like Hillary because of her policies and would be excited to support a conservative female candidate.  But there seems to be enough evidence to indicate that many Americans resist changes to institutional traditions.

The subconscious opposition to a black president, a female president, same-sex marriage or the legalization of marijuana is rooted in the fear that an emotional security blanket is being ripped from the hands of Americans.  A president’s skin color or gender or same-sex marriage or legalized pot should be of little concern to any Americans who care only about the progress of our nation.  And yet, there is an undercurrent of resistance that subtly supports opposition to change.
Malicious intent is not always behind resistance to change.  Every day our world seems to be changing faster.  The world we live in today barely reflects the world many of us grew up in and today’s young generations will not recognize the world as they mature.  It may be human instinct to cling to what is known, but we should also recognize change is the result of the human instincts that have led to the changes that make life better on so many levels.  The human instinct to change is the reason for our survival as a species.

Change is the basis of everything and we should not fear change just because it’s change.
The hate in America that I so often talk about on “The Scoot Show” on WWL inspires the personal attacks that have nothing to do with the content of a person’s character.

As adults, we have to accept responsibility for participating in the same type of name-calling that was part of our lives as young kids on the playground – and I’m not sure the current content of name-calling is any less juvenile.

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10/24/2013 7:30PM
Scoot: Petty Politicians say - Hillary is a lesbian – Obama is gay
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10/25/2013 7:59AM
Well when you elect and ásshole like Obama you get SH!T on.
Scoot is a good liberal that is defending his heroes again.
10/25/2013 8:01AM
If Obama had any character perhaps he would not be so hated.
Scoot loves Obama because he supports þutt sex.
10/25/2013 8:02AM
Scoot constantly trashes those he does not understand ... but he likes the new
Pope because he supports þutt sex.
10/25/2013 8:03AM
Scoot constantly tráshes those he does not understand ... but he likes the new
Pope because he supports þutt séx.
10/25/2013 8:05AM
Sarah Palin was called a WH0RE and a çunt and Scoot never wrote about that ...
but then Obama supports þutt sex so Scoot loves Bammy.
10/25/2013 8:06AM
Congressman Grayson call all Tea Party member Klansmen ...
but Grayson supports þutt sex so Scoot loves him.
10/25/2013 8:08AM
No, the old hippie Scoot is just a self-righteous clown spewing the leftist
propaganda of the day -- nothing new here.
10/25/2013 8:28AM
Well, I see some folks are having fun with this ... liberals always see themselves as
victims. Scoot is no exception. This victim mentality is why liberals are so angry, hateful, and abusive of others and always have revenge on their small minds. Obama and Hillary have gotten people killed, wrecked the health care system and displayed incompetence on a level not seen in the modern era and yet, Scoot is worried about them be called names. Scoot is just another Obama Zombie who blames everyone but his Lord Savior Obama for all that goes wrong. It never occurs to Scoot, Hillary and Barrack to accept personal responsibility because they are professional victims.
10/25/2013 8:30AM
So if you do not rubber stamp Obama’s policies you are a racist. Wow, really
creative, insightful stuff there Scooter Boy. Tell us something else from the Obama talking points memo.
10/25/2013 8:32AM
Seems Scooter has a lot of guilt over his own racism and fawning over Obama
and the gay community makes him feel righteous. Scoot has some real issues that likely will require extensive counseling.
10/25/2013 8:34AM
Yes, Scooter, we do try to protect our children from freaks like you and charlatans
like Hillary and Obama.
10/25/2013 8:40AM
Well, if you want to bankrupt the country, destroy what was the best health care
system in the world, put small business out of business, increase black unemployment and welfare payments to their highest levels in history, and make the US a laughingstock around the world, you are considered by Scoot to be sophisticated and cool. Scoot lives his life in fear and is controlled by political correctness. Like all good liberals he has to lie about who he is to get an audience. Scoot is a clown filling a time slot when few are listening.
10/25/2013 8:45AM
Scooter try spending more time talking about local festivals, gay sex and your
cruise. You might come across a bit more knowledgeable. Leave the rest to those who have a clue.
10/25/2013 9:05AM
Well, one good thing about the ObamaCare disaster ... at least for Obama ...
Obama does not have to worry about getting serviced. Sebelius has been on her knees in front of Obama a lot lately.
10/25/2013 9:10AM
Nobody in this administration is accountable for anything ...
nobody gets fired for anything....it truly is a "Good Ol' Boys Club"......Healthcare debacle , IRS targeting, NSA spying, Fast and Furiuos, Bengazi, etc. etc and etc....they are all victims according to Scoot. WWL must really be desperate to bring back whiners like Scoot and Angela.
10/25/2013 9:16AM
It is amazing to watch, but it seems Americans have accepted
a tyrant while Europe is in the process of turning away from the tyranny of socialism and statism.
10/25/2013 10:18AM
Scoot no one is stopping you from having all the gay sex your aging body can
tolerate. Only fools feel sorry for you and your leftist heroes.
10/25/2013 10:21AM
Scoot everything in life is not about Obama. Your cult worship of this man is
10/25/2013 10:41AM
Scoot the next Gay Pride days in New Orleans are Oct 24-27 ... ENJOY!
10/25/2013 11:06AM
CENSUS: Welfare Recipients Now Outnumber Full-Time Workers...
Well, Scoot and Obama are soiling themselves in excitement ... they have achieved utopia.
10/25/2013 11:24AM
Just another demorat that's a hypocrite
10/25/2013 11:52AM
The bottom line is that Democrats can trash others because they have NO
standards of behavior so are not held to any standard. You are just another hack desperate to be relevant.
10/25/2013 12:24PM
When the SH!T that Scoot spews out of his mouth is thrown back at him ...
he runs to Angela Hill and they have a good cry together ... poor babies.
10/25/2013 12:30PM
Bottom line with Scooter Boy is that if you do not rubber stamp
Obama incompetence and petulance you are a racist and hate gay people ....
10/25/2013 4:56PM
Hillary is a liar and a B!TCH. The ignorant Dem hip hop crowd will likely think
her too ugly to be president. While she is an ugly B!TCH, I would rather not have another Marxist in the White House anytime soon.
10/25/2013 5:14PM
Hillary is a nasty skánk ...
the WH0RE should be in prison for murder.
10/26/2013 6:58AM
The Democrats have rejected freedom. They are NOT buying because
freedom demands personal responsibility. From Obama on down, Democrats are NEVER responsible for anything. Obama SH!TS on the country every day and then blames others for the stench he created.
10/26/2013 7:03AM
It would be poetic justice if Obama, Reid, Pelosi, and Sebelius all
contracted cancer and died a slow painful death and their EXEMPTION from their own ObamaCare could not save them.
10/27/2013 8:02AM
Well, the Hillary Campaign saw this glowing idol worship blog by Scoot and they
were so pleased that they are sending Scoot both Hillary and Obama þlow-Up Dolls for Christmas. Now Scoot can have lésbian and gáy séx and even a three-way. Congrats Scoot!!!
10/27/2013 11:58AM
Scoot YOU and your heroes Obama and Hillary are ássholes and frauds ....
You BLOW air nightly out your rear end stinking up a studio ... LOL .... thanks for the laughs, but sports is the only thing left on WWL worth listening to for longer and ten minutes.
10/27/2013 2:45PM
Scoot, saving Hillary is hardly a priority among intelligent, sane people.
Perhaps you should seek a mental health professional to deal with your lùst for incompetent celebrity politicians.
10/27/2013 7:19PM
This country may never recover from the damage the Obama Administration has
done to it. There are many dark days ahead. Obama is a criminal and should rot in prison. Hot the B!TCH gets cancer from smoking.
10/27/2013 10:53PM
Obama could rape the son of a prominent Democrat on national TV
and Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, the media, and Scoot would blame the Tea Party and their propaganda would be believed by the leeches on welfare.
10/28/2013 4:54PM
Wow Scoot you aren't too popular here are you maybe you could try to make it on the
Vegas Circuit and don't quit ya day job
10/29/2013 10:47AM
Scoot your Master Obama and your hero Hillary and Dem Party are going down ...
YOU and all the DemoRATS SUCK! We can hope cancer is in your near future.
10/29/2013 10:50AM
Yes, the DemRATs OWN the ObamaCare SH!T and WILL PAY in 2014!!!
Go to hell DEM B!TCHES!!!!
10/29/2013 10:52AM
Now the FAT áss Mary Landrieu wants a delay ...
she took a bribe to vote for ObamaCare ... what a stinking piece of SH!T.
10/29/2013 12:48PM
Scoot has no unqiue observations or sophistication.
He just repeats the liberal misinformation and propaganda.
10/29/2013 1:10PM
WWL programing is pretty much a joke ... sports is the only thing most will listen to.
They drag out these old liberals in Angela and Scoot and let them spew and whine for several hours everyday. Don't listen.
10/29/2013 3:02PM
The Democrat Party NEEDS a bottom-feeder class ...
in order to maintain power. Poverty and dependence are cornerstones of the Democrat Party agenda. The more independent people are at achieving success in the private sector the less they need government. The Democrats desire to grow government requires massive dependence. Obama views people as chattel that he can herd and control. He fears the intelligent and independent-minded people. Sadly, the Black Community for the most part remains the property of the Democrat Party serving on their plantation for a few pennies from Washington.
10/29/2013 4:09PM
Obama is an economic terrorist—a real and present danger to the US,
... but he supports Scoot having þutt sex so Scoot could care less ...
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