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Scoot: Inauguration Day - We will survive

 Today is Inauguration Day in America!  Despite our deep political divide, this is a moment when we should all celebrate being an American.  But, that’s impossible for many Americans.

Today, the world watched as we once again changed or renewed power with a peaceful transition.  For all of the things that are not right about this country, an inauguration is one of the things that is right about America.

On Inauguration Day, presidents make lofty speeches with grand optimism and promise for our future. But no one should be naïve to believe that political fighting will not resume the following day.  Often a good message is lost because of the messenger.  For those Americans who dislike President Obama and who have bought into the hysteria that this country is on the verge of becoming a socialist nation, that our guns will be taken away and that America is shying away from its role as a dominant world leader, a good message will be blocked by a shield of contempt for the messenger – President Obama.  Likewise, when President Bush gave his inaugural speech with similar ambitious goals of Americans working together to make our country even greater, that message was lost to those who believed that George W. Bush was not qualified to be our president or that he was not legally our president.

Many citizens of this country will attentively watch the “pomp and circumstance” of a Royal event in London with great respect for history, but will refuse to show the same respect for the historical inauguration of our President.  I hope students in schools across this country watched the inauguration today and were also enlightened about the significance of the event.

In 1993, I did my talk show on WWL live from Washington, D.C. for the first inauguration of President Bill Clinton.  At the time Clinton was elected, in our “red” state, there were predictions that President George H.W. Bush should have been re-elected and that Clinton would ruin America.  The contempt for Clinton was palpable.  With awareness of that contempt, I went to Washington for that Inauguration Day and quickly came to the realization that the concerns for America, as a nation, were unfounded.

As I experienced the “pomp and circumstance” of an Inauguration Day, I was blessed with the sense that even though America is a very young nation relative to the nations around the world, we were solid and strong enough and there were enough checks and balances in place so that no one sitting president could ruin our country.  And I still have that feeling today.

I often talk about the hysteria of the political debate and the dire predictions of America’s fate under a particular president.  We have survived and we will continue to survive, even those presidents that some Americas believe are lethal to our country.
There are too few moments when we can come together as one nation under God and see each other as Americans and not conservatives or liberals – today is one of those days.

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01/21/2013 5:22PM
Scoot: Inauguration Day - We will survive
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01/22/2013 11:22AM
All good and fine
Scoot, That's all good and fine, yes it is always good when Americans can come together!!! OK........but (sorry for the but) This president is clearly not interested in making America great, quite the opposite, he has a different view of what Americs should be (he is not just another liberal!!)........In short, what this president is trying to do is flat out dangerous!! How can you not see that?? Don't know about you but I don't want America to "just survive"!!
01/23/2013 6:34AM
He cannot see it
because he doesn't want to see it. Scoot is simply just like so many others in the liberal media who just adore Obama. That liberal media is a very large club. - jsp
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