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Scoot: Evolution and the Cell Phone!

8.2.12  scoot@wwl.com - Evolution can loosely be defined as animals adapting to their environments over long periods of time.  It’s obvious that mankind has further evolved and adapted to a new environment with the addition of a new appendage – the cell phone!  However, in the process of adapting to a new surrounding, this new appendage has made mankind a more vulnerable species.
Over the past seven years, cell phone-related injuries to pedestrians have quadrupled!  Are you surprised?  We all see it every day.  In fact, most of us are “guilty as charged.”  People walk while texting and pay little or no attention to where they’re going.  There are countless videos of people falling off curbs or platforms onto subway tracks.  Pedestrians have walked into on-coming traffic as they talked or sent a text on their cell phones.

We have become totally dependent on our cell phones.  If you try to call your teenage child, husband, wife, parent or friend and don’t get an answer or a quick reply, you worry and wonder “what’s wrong, I hope they’re okay!”  Or, you get upset, because they’re ignoring you.  Am I right?

The other day I went to meet with a client and left my cell phone at the radio station for about two hours. When I returned to the station, I realized that an “APB” had been issued.  One person after another said, “Scoot, where have you been?  So and so was looking for you.  We were wondering if you were alright!”  There was speculation something was wrong…or I was in a meeting and turned my phone off…or maybe I met a girl and was “having an intimate moment!” That possibility was quickly dismissed!

The point is, we are all physically and emotionally attached to our cell phones and it is out-of-control.  But we can’t seem to break our dependence.  I have no words of wisdom and admit that I, too, am addicted.

How I long for the days when one could escape into a world where we didn’t have to communicate every waking moment.  Remember when your car was an escape and not an extension of your office or your hectic household?  Remember, when you could go to a movie and not answer a text?  Remember, when you were at dinner and everybody was engaged; looking in each other’s yes…and nobody was looking down…texting, emailing, tweeting, Facebook-ing?

And then there’s the issue of people using cell phones to photograph and video everything and everybody.  Thanks to the cell phone, no one is ever totally alone anymore. We’re so busy capturing the moment, we can’t enjoy the moment.  Think about the last time you were at a wedding or event.  It used to be the paid photographer taking pictures and producing videos; now EVERYbody’s doing it.  Who’s enjoying the party?!?

We’re always worried about “Big Brother” watching us – well, “Big Brother” turned out to be us!  
AT&T is airing a campaign warning young people about the dangers of texting while driving. The commercials show people who have been seriously injured as a result of texting while driving and only at the end is it revealed that AT&T is the sponsor.  The campaign is similar to the beer manufactures’ “drink responsibly” campaigns.

Scientifically, animals evolve in ways that make them safer in their environments. You have to ask – has the evolution of our new appendage made us safer or more at risk in our environment?

08/02/2012 1:15AM
Scoot: Evolution and the Cell Phone!
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08/02/2012 8:48AM
songs we hate to admit we like
Where have all the Cowboys gone - Paula Cole
08/06/2012 8:07AM
Sikh Shootings
1st Sikhs worship in a Gurdwara not a temple. 2nd. Sikhs are required to carry a dagger known as a Karpan. (a dagger 1 to 3 feet in length) sounds peaceful to me, i wouldn't want mess with anybody carrying a blade that size. 3rd do we have any proof this guy Paige is a "white supremacist" has he been linked to a group? 4th how 'bout some responsible journalism?
08/07/2012 9:31AM
Hawaiian Trip advertise on radio station
I am wanting information on the Hawaiian trip that is advertised on your radio station can you please give me information. My contact e mail address is judith@tulane.edu
08/13/2012 9:28AM
Nicholas Maniscalco
Please have YMT mail or e-mail me info on the March 2013 trip to Hawaii with Tommy Tucker. Thanks, Nick e-mail address is maniscalcon@bellsouth.net
09/10/2012 8:32AM
Please talk about the ULM win over number 8 AK. This is a state school also.
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