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Scoot: What Would You Tell Drew?

7.12.12 - As the clock ticks toward the Monday afternoon deadline for signing a long-term contract with the Saints, I would tell Drew Brees that he should be one of, if not THE, highest paid players in the NFL.  But I would also tell Drew that as the clock ticks toward the deadline, there may a risk that fans will view him as being too selfish.

The negotiations between Drew Brees and the Saints are a high-stakes game.  While both sides have kept the details of the talks mostly private, enough has been presented to the public for fans to pick a side.  Neither side wants to appear as if they “lost” in the negotiations.

If Brees signs for an amount lower than he’s demanding, fans may think he settled for less.  If the Saints don’t offer Brees what he’s demanding, then the team might look like it is mistreating the team and the city’s most valuable player.  It’s inevitable that ego stands in the way of two sides coming together in high-stakes negotiations.

I would tell Drew that the public loves an underdog.  If the Saints are offering an average of $19.25 million a year, and he is asking for an average of $20.5 million, that’s close enough to sign an agreement.  From an overall image standpoint, the asset of being seen as the more agreeable party would be worth the small difference in the contract.

Let’s face it, life isn’t always fair.  The best performer on the field, or in the office, does not always get what he/she deserves based on performance.  But there is always value in being the “underdog” rather than the “bully.”

Brees and the Saints remind me of the Republicans and Democrats in Washington.  Neither side seems willing to do what’s in the best interest of the fans.

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07/12/2012 11:45PM
Scoot: What Would You Tell Drew?
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07/13/2012 7:47AM
Would someone please concider the fans for a change!
Tell Drew he's not just playing with money, he's breaking our hearts!
07/13/2012 8:09AM
" Drew, we can't be successful without you and your leadership. I know the Benson camp has not treated you fairly considering everything you have done these past years. I don't have to recite all of your accomplishments with the Saints. Your presence has brought so much to our team. I am the self-appointed president of the Shreveport chapter of the Who Dat Nation, But I am also a Drew Brees fan because you do believe in giving back and helping others. As 1 of your fans, I am asking you to sign the contract now. You almost have what you want. I wish I could sell some boudin and crawfish and to get you the rest. I LOVE YOU, DREW!
07/13/2012 9:15AM
Sign the contract
He has been given more than one contract to sign and he doesn't seem happy with anything. It is time for him to grow up and sign the contract. It will make him the hightest paid quarterback. Everyone keeps talking about last season and how well he has done and I agree he did do well but the season after the super bowl wasn't one of his greatest season and he is getting older. Why does everyone just want to give him what he wants? Why can't he do a little compromising? He is being selfish and he has let his ego get the best of him. He is not a one man team and the Saints organization has to look at what is best for the team. Last time someone decided to put all their "eggs in one basket" it backed fired.
07/13/2012 12:32PM
Stand Firm
The only ones who are looking foolish here are the owners of the Saints. You have proven your case beyond a shadow of a doubt. If they don't pay for the best they shouldn't get the best. They've already lost my respect by the way they are handling this situation. They're 18 months late. Please don't cave in. They've written off the season already, if they won't pay top dollar for the best QB ever, don't put yourself in harm's way.
07/13/2012 5:02PM
Rod in Sacramento
It's Goooooood. Drew Brees signs for 100 Mill. 5 years. I would tell Drew Brees that those idiot Failcon fans are saying that Drew is only human and to bring it on. I say yes, it is true that Drew is only human, but he is the best human QB in the NFL. Way better than Matty ice-cold. Go SAINTS and beat those idiot FAILCONS!
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