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Scoot: Politicians Should Be Seen and Not Heard

8.24.12  scoot@wwl.com

Yet another politician apologizes for making an ignorant statement!

A New Hampshire businessman, who is running for sheriff, apologized for saying he would not rule out using deadly force to stop a doctor from performing an abortion.  So a man running for sheriff says he would use his gun that he carries as a police officer to kill a doctor?

Republican Frank Szabo said elective abortions are unlawful and he would arrest any doctor who performs them and would use deadly force to prevent abortions.  He has now retracted the statement.

Here’s what’s scary--Frank Szabo is running for sheriff and he doesn’t understand abortions are legal?  That doesn’t mean he has to agree with the law, but he must enforce the law.  Also, Szabo said his anti-abortion stance got “the better” of him.  This guy sounds like a “hot head.”  Should that person be a sheriff?

Is the quality of political candidates changing?  Why are there so many ignorant statements that are ultimately retracted?   VP Joe Biden said to a group attended by many blacks that if Romney becomes president he’s going to “put y’all back in chains.”  Congressman Todd Akin, who is running for the Senate in Missouri, said there is no need for legal abortion in the case of rape because during the traumatic act of rape a woman’s body naturally prevents pregnancy.  Then, Texas judge Tom Head said if President Obama wins re-election he predicts a possible “civil war” and will stand in front of the U.N. armored personnel carriers to prevent them from coming into Lubbock.

Now, a candidate for sheriff said he would use his police-issued gun to kill an abortion doctor?

Has the political world gone mad?  Growing up, my Dad used to tell me, “Son, children should be seen and not heard.”  Maybe it’s time to suggest politicians should be “seen and not heard!”

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08/24/2012 7:45PM
Scoot: Politicians Should Be Seen and Not Heard
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08/25/2012 1:47AM
We are the ignorant ones
We keep reelecting these morons to represent us because not enough people are motivated enough to vote. I know I work as a polling commissoner.
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