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Scoot: Open Letter to Atheists at Christmastime

You have inspired me to write this letter following your most recent attacks on Christmas.  In Little Rock, Arkansas you complained about an elementary school planning a field trip to see “Merry Christmas Charlie Brown” at a local church.  The school even sent out notices to parents alerting them that their children would be exposed to Christianity and that attendance was optional.

Earlier in this holiday season, you protested the 60 year tradition of a nativity display in Santa Monica, CA.  Your group applied for spaces at the site and received 18 of the 21 spots at the city-owned Palisades Park.  That inspired such a heated controversy that the tradition was cancelled this year.

Why would you do these things?  As a radio talk show host, I am always fighting for your right to freedom of speech.  I defend your right to put up billboards that Christians find offensive and I defend your demand for separation of church and state.

For one of you to file a complaint that led to the cancellation of an elementary school field trip to see a Christmas play, when attendance was optional, was vicious and wrong.  And for your group to aggressively take up spots where a traditional nativity scene was set up for 60 years exposes you as a hateful and intolerant group.  I thought you were one of the groups that promoted the concept of tolerance of different ideas?

In America, we are free to express ourselves, even if the expression is not congruent with our beliefs.  I defend that premise regularly on my radio show on WWL.  This is the Christmas season and Americans should not have to hide the meaningful traditions of Christmas.
So, please let us express our beliefs by celebrating Christmas as we allow you to express your beliefs.  We have a system of beliefs and so do you. The idea of not believing in a God is actually a belief system.

I don’t understand your aggressive actions to prevent recognition of Christmas, unless your real motive is to strip America of Christianity in hopes of recruiting people away from their beliefs to join the ranks of atheists.  But, I would assume you would oppose Christians trying to recruit you into Christianity.
I respect you, so I expect you to respect me.  Merry Christmas!  Was that offensive?

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12/11/2012 6:12PM
Scoot: Open Letter to Atheists at Christmastime
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12/12/2012 10:36AM
A Christian
Amen and Amen, Scoot
12/12/2012 1:31PM
You stole my holiday
And now you're pissed someone doesn't want it celebrated the way you do. well, bite me. That's what you get for hijacking holidays. It was yule way before it was christmas and if there was a christ, he was born in march. You stole it, plain and simple. If you don't like people changing it, maybe you shouldn't have set the precedent.
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