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Scoot: One Word BEST Describes N.O.

8.1.12  scoot@wwl.com  A New York marketing firm conducted a nationwide poll to rank U.S. cities according to 13 adjectives.  New Orleans was tied for the top spot in three categories: romantic, warm and welcoming and artistic.  The city was ranked #1 in being described as:  creative, authentic, best food, exotic and mysterious.

We can all agree those adjectives accurately describe New Orleans.  But what one word “best” describes the city?  If I had to select one word it would be “mysterious.”

The definition of “mysterious” is – full of, characterized by, or involving mystery!  There is a lot of mystery about New Orleans!
It’s a mystery how we manage to successfully pull off Mardi Gras every year.

It’s a mystery how this city continues to make Jazz Fest, French Quarter Fest and countless local festivals bigger every year.  And we mysteriously never run out of the energy to participate in consistent festival weekends.  Exhaustion is just not in our dictionary.  

It’s a mystery why families travel from around the globe to visit New Orleans, yet many people who live as close as the suburbs refuse to bring their families to the city.

It’s a mystery how this city can be so divided racially, yet come together as one community behind the Saints, the Hornets, big fireworks displays on the river.

It’s a mystery how some people still get away with asking tourists “I bet I can tell you where you got your shoes!”  And some tourists still fall for it!

It’s a mystery why this city has allowed so many arrogant leaders to take advantage of their positions of power.  Yes, we allow it by re-electing them.

It’s a mystery why there has been an acceptance of people in power hiring their families with taxpayers dollars.
It’s a mystery why it takes so long for projects to be completed and to get things accomplished. And it’s a mystery why anyone would ever feel the need to say, “I can’t believe this is taking so long!”

It’s a mystery how we manage to live through the heat and humidity every summer and still utter the words, “I can’t believe it’s so hot this year!”

It’s a mystery how our city faces disasters like Katrina and the BP oil spill and will rebuild with a positive spirit that can’t be matched anywhere in America.

There is much that is a mystery about New Orleans, which does make us America’s most “mysterious” city.  And that sounds a lot more descriptive than “The Big Easy!”

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08/01/2012 10:28AM
Scoot: One Word BEST Describes N.O.
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08/01/2012 11:16AM
Sums the City up PERFECTLY! Love it!
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