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Scoot: No Guns Allowed at Annual NRA Meeting

Conservative pro-gun activist Ted Nugent will have to surrender his gun at the NRA’s annual meeting this weekend in Charlotte, North Carolina.  “NO GUNS ALLOWED” is the message the NRA sent to its members attending the annual meeting in North Carolina.  State law prohibits the carrying of firearms in the Charlotte Convention Center and the Time Warner Cable Arena, where the NRA’s annual meeting will be held.

All of the NRA’s leadership, membership and special guests that include Sarah Palin, Newt Gingrich, Oliver North and Glenn Beck will be forced to give up their weapons, because the law bans firearms – open or concealed carry.  The NRA has not used this law to protest infringements on 2nd Amendment rights.

Even with complaints on pro-gun social media sites, the NRA accepts the law and simply informed ALL those attending that contrary to their dedication to promoting being armed in America – they will not be allowed to enter the convention with their guns.
It is fair to point out that not all NRA members promote the right to carry a firearm anywhere, but there are those members who do feel one of their purest constitutional rights is violated, if they are banned from being armed in any venue.

The ban on carrying firearms at the NRA annual convention this weekend in Charlotte should not be seen as a strike against pro-gun activists.  Advancing the agenda of being armed in America should be founded on the principle of protecting self, family and business.  I don’t understand why a firearm would be needed for protection at the NRA meeting.  And if you needed a gun to attend the convention – why would you want to go to the convention?

Protesting such a ban on firearms would only serve to focus on those who are interested in promoting the brazen “showing off” of guns, rather than the purpose guns serve in terms of protection.  The 2nd Amendment seems to center on the right to “keep and bear arms” for protection - not to express a macho-attitude or to prove the point that one can carry a firearm.  Would you want to be the one to tell Ted Nugent to surrender his gun? 

Of course, the temptation to sneak a gun into the NRA convention would probably be as strong as the temptation to sneak pot into a Metallica concert!

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09/24/2013 7:12PM
Scoot: No Guns Allowed at Annual NRA Meeting
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09/24/2013 8:31PM
NRA ban
Stop gloating Scott, I dont think Ted Nugent minds "giving up his guns"
09/24/2013 9:03PM
No worries Scoot they let you have þutt sex after the meetings ... you can still go.
LOL ...
09/24/2013 9:05PM
Would be nice if Obama obeyed the law and the Consitution but then he
is a black aye-hole so he can be incompetent and a criminal.
09/24/2013 9:20PM
Scoot what did you "show off" at the sodomy convention ... LOL ....
Those Gay Pride Days can really get out of hand ... not a safe place for children.
09/24/2013 9:24PM
Q: What do Barack Obama & Tiger Woods have in common?
A: They are both trying to scréw everybody!
09/24/2013 9:26PM
4,188 Dutch killed by euthanasia last year...
hope they kill a lot of liberals with the new ObamaCare law .... worth celebrating!
09/24/2013 9:31PM
Obama is a walking load of feces ....
no wonder the Secret Service wear gas masks.
09/24/2013 10:09PM
There is no NRA Annual Meeting in Charlotte this Weekend
The next NRA Annual Meeting is in Indy in April 2014.
09/24/2013 10:19PM
Need to send the NRA to Chicago to clean up Obama's hometown ...
time to get rid of the thugs.
09/24/2013 10:23PM
The cost of caring for the LAZY is NOT sustainable ... but then most blacks voted for Obama, with the NO work agenda.
09/25/2013 1:25AM
The PIECE OF SH!T Obama should be tried for treason and corruption ...
The AYE-HOLE destroyed the health care system. He is a B!TCH!
09/25/2013 6:09AM
what convention?
Can't find any upcoming scheduled NRA rally in Charlotte. Someone is LYYYYYIIIINNNNGGGGGG....
09/25/2013 6:44AM
the meeting was in 2010
Way to stay current
09/25/2013 11:00AM
No Guns Allowed at Annual NRA Meeting
That's like asking,"Why would you need to carry a gun to leave your house? And if you needed a gun to leave your house, why would you leave?"
09/25/2013 11:05AM
Forgot to add...
If you knew you were going to need a gun you wouldn't go. But you never know when or where you may need one. Hence, it's wise to carry one whenever and wherever you can.
09/25/2013 1:23PM
What hateful comments!
And talk about not true!! The Dutch euthanasia comment is completely FALSE and yet the lie is perpetuated with comments like this. I've never heard any of my liberal friends wish DEATH on those we don't agree with. Geesh!
09/25/2013 3:30PM
Obama is s piece of DOG SH!T .. YOU can shove Obamacare up your FAT AŠŠ!!!
09/25/2013 3:31PM
Liberals are SH!T ... YOU piles of human debris trash us all the time ... GO TO HELL
09/25/2013 3:34PM
Hope the clown Obama keep smoking ... cancer may be in his future ... LOL ...
Democrats cater to lazy losers while the rest of us are forced to pay their bills ...
09/25/2013 4:36PM
this is some choice stuff.
seems like the nra would not meet in such a 2nd amendment unfriendly state, don't you think? Hypocrisy at its very best.got to hand it to the pubs and the likes of certain single issue groups, they have a soft target, they make the most of it. may i suggest these comments be monitored for foul language. on the other hand it gives us a clear picture of what we are dealing with.
09/26/2013 10:09PM
Uh, this is totally incorrect
The 2013 Annual Meeting took place last May in Houston and hundreds of participants carried firearms, both open and concealed. The NRA always holds its annual meeting in April or May, never in the autumn. Seems someone is using an old 2010 storyline whenthe 2010 annual meeting took place in Charlotte where there was a prohibition on firearms. Maybe someone should actually visit the NRA's site and check out something like this rather than base it on an erroneous HuffPo item.
09/27/2013 10:03AM
Yea, Obama and the Dems should be moinitored for their name calling ...
Obama called Romney a murderer and tax cheat and his surrogates called Sarah Palin a WH0RE and a çunt. The Dems DESERVE the hate they receive. They earned it.
09/27/2013 10:05AM
Perhaps one day it will be legal to shoot liberals for sport ... LOL much like they
made it legal to butcher children even those that survive an abortion.
09/27/2013 10:08AM
The anti-gun crowd are just gay liberals who glady BEND OVER for Obama ...
LOL ... yes, you deserve to be mocked ... you are fools.
09/27/2013 10:09AM
Gun control died in the Democrat controlled Senate ... guess Dems are racists
09/27/2013 10:15AM
When Obama actually achieves something other than wrecking the economy
and health care system, running up the greatest debt in history, and making the US a joke around the world, perhaps you liberals can pull your heads out of your rear ends. Until then you will just have to keep eating your own SH!T.
09/27/2013 12:56PM
We have always had a peaceful transfer of power since the founding and
forming an army to over-throw the government is not as easily done as it would be 100 years ago. But one can say that the corruption and tyranny of Washington has reached the level that many in the country are angry enough, but know that it would be too difficult. When the economy finally collapses on a grand scale and we are headed down that road, then there would be enough strife and chaos that you may see some civil war type fighting on American streets between leftist and conservatives.
09/27/2013 1:01PM
If there were another civil war basically between the North and South, the South
would win this time. Would be amazing to see. EVIL men in high places in Washington could lead us to much bloodshed. Unless something changes, America is over as founded and will begin declining at a rapid clip in a few years. There is a very dark cloud over America now. Its leaders have never been more corrupt.
12/10/2013 6:29PM
I hope guns are allowed at the next meeting
Then maybe some nut will shoot everyone there.
12/10/2013 6:32PM
Maybe in the next meeting they'll all open up on each other!
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