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Scoot: Hurricane Goodell ? Romney Again! ? Topless Kate

9.18/12 - In this part of the country, very recent history reminds us that we don’t always brace for the worst when it comes to storms.  Following Isaac, it became obvious that many people simply did not take a CAT 1 storm seriously, because we’ve all been through those storms before with few problems.

One thing learned from Isaac…don’t just say it, but actually “expect the worst.”  As Isaac approached, Entergy assured us all that they were ready to go into action right away and restore power within a short period of time.  And we believed them.  Well, expectations were too high.

As the Saints were hit with severe consequences for something that became known as “bounty-gate,” the Saints assured us they were a team that has faced challenges and they would unite as a team following the effects of a storm named “Goodell.”  And, we believed them.  Let’s admit our expectations were too high.  The Saints will bounce back, but fan expectation was too high.

Regardless of what Entergy or the Saints told us about facing the challenges of a storm, we should have been smart enough and used life experiences to understand that Isaac and Goodell were storms - and storms cause damage that is sometimes greater than anticipated.

The lesson for Entergy and the Saints is to “under promise and over deliver,” rather than the other way around.
ROMNEY:  Speaking to wealthy contributors at a “private” fundraiser, Mitt Romney said 47% of the country does not pay taxes and it’s not his job to worry about getting the vote of “those people.”  Romney was attempting to appease the conservative base that rails against

“entitlements.”  But, since that 46% that doesn’t pay taxes includes some elderly conservatives and other conservative Republicans who are NOT trying to take advantage of the government, Romney made a huge mistake.

The other problem is that the comment enhances the very image of being rich and out-of-touch that Romney is trying to change.  And his attempt to clarify the comment seemed stiff and lacked sincerity.  Is this the real Romney?  Only he can change that perception.

With today’s technology, EVERYONE can be videotaped or recorded anywhere.  Romney got caught with his top off in public!
AND, so did Kate!  Today a French court ruled in favor of the Royal Family and demanded that a French magazine stop printing photos of Kate topless, and to turn the photos over to authorities. Really?  The fine for publishing more of the topless photos is about $12,000.  I’m sure the financial gain from publishing the photos again would be far greater than the fine, and in the past, negatives of photos could be turned over and case closed.  Today, how could a publication turn all images over to authorities?

I don’t think anyone should be critical of a young married wife going topless in the privacy of her vacation; however, when you are the wife of the Royal Couple, you should realize that there will always be the possibility of paparazzi invading your privacy.
I applaud the young Royal Couple for acting like “normal” people and I condemn the press for losing respect for the private time of celebrities. But, as long as people buy the magazines that exploit the private or embarrassing moments of celebrities, the market for those photos will remain strong.

Lessons learned:   take every storm seriously. And there are devices for taking videos and photos everywhere!  What are you doing right now?

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People : Mitt Romney

09/18/2012 8:16PM
Scoot: Hurricane Goodell – Romney Again! – Topless Kate
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09/19/2012 6:47AM
Romney and the Freeloaders
"But, since that 46% that doesn’t pay taxes includes some elderly conservatives and other conservative Republicans who are NOT trying to take advantage of the government, Romney made a huge mistake." So do you think that will cause us "elderly conservatives and other conservative Republicans" to vote for Obama? Not a chance. Four more years of Obama will wreck this country beyond repair.
09/19/2012 11:05PM
No Obama
Obama needs to go! Conservatives need to also take the Senate and retain the House. Obama is dragging this country down and this election is a must to take back America.
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