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Scoot: FREE Condoms for Kids!

Do you think offering free condoms to kids as young as 12 will lead to a decrease in sexually transmitted diseases?  That seems to be the logic of the state of California.

The California Family Health Council is working with the Department of Public Health to reduce the rate of STD transmissions among teens by offering free condoms online to be delivered to the homes of teens as young as 12.  The free condom packs will include 10 condoms, personal lubricant and informative material, but a teen can only order one condom package per month. Does that limitation imply that some teens may need more that 10 per month?

Is the problem with STD transmissions the availability and expense of condoms?  Or, is the real problem the lack of personal responsibility among teens?  I’m sure a few teens will take advantage of the free condom offer, but it doesn’t seem logical that the offer of free condoms will actually lead to any significant decrease in the spread of sexually transmitted diseases.
The state of California is expecting young teenagers who are sexually active, which is irresponsible behavior, to act responsibly and order free condoms online.  This reminds me of the “gun buyback” programs when communities buy guns back from citizens. No one who would use a gun to commit a crime is going to surrender their gun at a community gun buyback.  And, teenagers who are reckless enough to have unprotected sex, when condoms are readily available, will not suddenly stop, think and do the responsible thing and use a condom.

Too often the government’s solution to a problem is not part of a logical approach, but rather, an act that makes the government appear as if it is actually solving a problem. I think it is totally unrealistic to expect teens as young as 12 to be responsible while participating in irresponsible behavior.  That solution might seem appropriate on paper, but it is simply not realistic.  The government mistakenly uses math to solve problems that stem from our emotions.
Maybe I’m missing something, but I don’t ever remember the availability or expense of condoms being the reasons for young people having unprotected sex.  And condoms seem even more available today.  Any teenager, who wants to be responsible when having sex, should have no problem equipping themselves with the required safety equipment.
I can’t speak from personal experience, because when I was a teenager the only use I would have had for a condom would have been to turn it into a water balloon!  When I think about young sexually active teens, I’m not sure if I’m disgusted or jealous!

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05/01/2013 7:00PM
Scoot: FREE Condoms for Kids!
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