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Scoot: ''Hysteria in America''

There are a few issues that ignite instant hysteria in many Americans. Illegal immigration, gun rights, jobs going overseas and same-sex marriage are among the issues that inspire hysteria.

President Obama’s recent change in the policy regarding illegal immigrants in America has again exposed an irrational debate. While everyone in this country should be here legally, let’s remember that American citizens and businesses created the market for illegals. Yes, American citizens and businesses!

In a capitalistic society, greed drives consumers and corporations. The desire for the lowest prices and the largest profits supersedes priority in hiring only America citizens. Whether this is right or wrong can be debated, but it’s reality.

Many put all illegal immigrants in the same category, but is it fair to put those who were brought here by their parents and want to contribute to this country in the same category with those who come to America to take advantage of our government? Or, those who are born American citizens who have no intent of contributing to this country? The painful truth is that there are many illegal immigrants who are willing to work harder than many American citizens.

Greed of consumers and corporations is also the driving force behind jobs going overseas. A company increasing profits by outsourcing jobs overseas is part of the capitalistic culture. You do support capitalism, right? American consumers, as a group, make decisions based on price and quality and the origin of the product or service is inconsequential. So, why the hysteria over jobs going overseas?

Years ago the Japanese kick our automotive butts with cars that were better and less expensive. Union greed contributed to that butt-kicking. And would we not try to lure a company away from another country to employ Americans?

Jobs in America are not an entitlement. You have to work to get a job and work to keep a job and that means beating out the competition. We all compete – that’s the American way.

As the election approaches, there is growing hysteria that a second Obama term will lead to new laws that will take away our Second Amendment rights. This is hysterical rhetoric. No president is going to take away America’s Second Amendment rights, which means if you want to vote against President Obama, do it for a legitimate reason and not over something conjured up by those who become hysterical over issues.

Opposition to same-sex marriage is completely irrational. Ultra conservatives who oppose same-sex marriage are asking the government to get involved in the private lives of individuals. I thought conservatives favored ‘less’ government involvement? If gays and lesbians are allowed to legally marry, that action will have no impact on the lives of those who so adamantly oppose it.
When did this stop being the United States of America? In the United States of America I know, all individuals have rights – in a capitalistic society we all compete for jobs and consumers set prices – and no one is going to take away a citizens’ right to own a gun – period.

There are so many reasons to vote for a presidential candidate, try not to buy into the distraction of the hysterical rhetoric from either side of the political perspective. Stop following whoever your ‘leader’ is and think for yourself.

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06/20/2012 10:02PM
Scoot: ''Hysteria in America''
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06/22/2012 10:27PM
illegals children
if they want to stay . they should go through the process of becoming legal
06/23/2012 7:52PM
Illegal Immigrants
Scoot, First, I think Obama's recent proclamation regarding illegal immigrants was strictly a political ploy to get a block of voters align with him. However, I would favor grandfathering citizenship on this group because it would increase the pool of working Americans who fund everything via taxes. Second, the group that he defined have been in this country long enough to have gotten their citizenship and thus contribute like other working Americans. I believe one reason they don't become citizens is because they receive better social benefits as illegals than they do as citizens. As working class citizens, they would have to pay into the system for what they receive; as illegals, working or not, everything is free! There are many other facets to this problem but these are two of the biggest in my opinion. Keep up the good work! Thanks, Jake Guepet
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