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Scoot: ?What I Heard Drew Brees Say?

 Saints fans have all been asking the same question: “Why haven’t the Saints signed Drew Brees yet?”

Wednesday Brees spoke publicly about his contract negotiations with the Saints on WWL “Sports Talk.”  Drew’s candid conversation with Deke Bellavia revealed he is frustrated with what he called a “lack of communication” with the Saints.  He also gave the impression that there has been no “sense of urgency” from the Saints.

It would be easier to dismiss the idea of hearing one side of the issue, but it’s Drew Brees we’re talking about.  The Saints QB has earned the highest level of respect for his honesty, integrity and consistent performance on the field.  If anyone would exaggerate comments about contract negotiations to win public support, it would not be Drew Brees.
Chances are you’ve heard what Brees said publicly about the Saints and contract negotiations, but it was the tone of his voice, his demeanor that had the biggest impact on me.  Drew sounded like a leader who has been diminished.  The optimism he projected in the interview seemed always tempered with a degree of disappointment.  And we all wonder why the Saints would do anything to disappoint Drew Brees.

It was obvious that Brees feels he’s played like an elite QB for the Saints over the course of his contract, but without elite pay.  Now, he wants to be compensated.  I realize this is all business, but the way the Saints seem to be treating Drew Brees reminds us that the idea of loyalty may be lost in our culture.

Employers are not loyal to their employees, employees are not loyal to their employers, spouses and partners are not loyal to each other and we too often learn that many of our friends are not always loyal to us.

Drew Brees is the spiritual leader of the Saints and his loss would leave a hole in the heart of our team, and the City of New Orleans.  The Saints should make the deal to honor Brees’ loyalty to the team and the city.  That would do more than just put the best possible Saints team on the field for another run for the Super Bowl, but it would also honor something we have been losing in our culture – loyalty.

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05/17/2012 3:23PM
Scoot: “What I Heard Drew Brees Say”
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05/18/2012 10:57AM
I don't live in New Orleans right now but can feel the heartache of the fans (as do I). I keep telling myself that this is only football BUT we're talking about a team and leader that made us feel so good for these past 6 years. It's just hard to believe that all that is crumbling in front of our eyes. Don't know who's to blame (althought the Saints seem most accountable) just wish it would be resolved. We all need a feel good ending to this!
05/21/2012 5:27PM
drew brees
if drew brees leaves some saints supporters are gone all so what ever team drew plays for the sponcers will go with him the players with saints has been loyal it gets to me the way they are treated brees is the best of the best
05/23/2012 1:35PM
Lack of Loyalty...I Agree
By not locking up Drew Brees before now, they have essentially spit in his face and then some despite all he's done for the Saints and the city of New Orleans. With the salary cap, you're never guaranteed to be able to keep everyone, but they had to know that this day was coming. The Saints knew the franchise tag wasn't going to go over well (remember Brees being franchised in San Diego?), but they did it anyways, perhaps to buy them some more time to get a deal done. Whatever the reason, it's still an insult to Brees and the Who Dat Nation. He's more than earned his final NFL contract, now it's time to give the man his due.
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