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Posted: Saturday, 01 October 2016 5:06AM

Saturday night in Death Valley: Does Coach O have what it takes?

Saturday night will be the first time LSU interim head coach Ed Orgeron will get to show whether he has what it takes to turn the season around. College Football analyst Mike Detillier says the team has been playing without excitement this season, but you can be sure Coach "O" will get their attention real quick.
"And you're already seeing it," said Detillier. "You're hearing it from players about how practices are different, how communication is different. He'll get their attention."
Former head coach Les Miles essentially ended up losing his job for failing to establish a passing game. Detillier says Coach "O" is changing up the way that they practice, so that they aren't doing the same thing over and over every week.
"It will be more like the pros do," said Detillier. "They will determine what is best for your player, against that opponent."
Detillier says it's more of a game plan that changes week-to-week, and that's the big difference you'll see with the team.
Detillier says it's been almost as if the players need jumper cables.
"They were not a very focused football team, they did not play with a sense of urgency and really had no pep in their step," said Detillier. "They will under Orgeron."
The game Saturday night in death valley kicks off at 6:30.

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