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Saints Playoff Scenarios

Alright, Saints fans. With the Black and Gold's loss to Carolina on Sunday, the playoff picture has gotten a bit murky.  New Orleans can go as high as the #2 seed or as low as the #6 seed, and there are a bunch of scenarios. 

First off, if the Saints win, they're in the playoffs.  For the following scenarios, let's assume this happens.  To get the #2 seed, a bye, and a home playoff game, Saints fans must root for Atlanta. If the Falcons upset Carolina in the Georgia Dome, say hello to the #2 seed, Who Dats.  That's, obviously, the best case scenario.  Things get a little more confusing, however, if the Panthers beat (or tie) the Dirty Birds.

If Carolina wins, they'll get the coveted #2 seed; and the Saints will be relegated to one of the two Wildcard spots and have to play, on the road, against either the NFC North champion or the NFC East champion.  And, of course, both of those divisions have yet to be decided.

Okay, we're still assuming the Saints beat the Bucs.  And let's assume (just to explain things) that Carolina wins.  The next game we need to look at is the San Francisco 49ers at the Arizona Cardinals.  If the 49ers win, they'll finish 12-5 and lock up the #5 seed.  Unless Seattle loses at home to St. Louis, which opens up another can of worms. San Francisco would then win the NFC West and jump up to the #2 seed. Carolina, meanwhile, would grab the #1 seed due to owning the tiebreaker over the 49ers.  If the Cardinals beat the 49ers, though, then the Saints would be the #5 seed since they beat Arizona head-to-head.

Now we have to pay attention to the Green Bay Packers at the Chicago Bears (a 3:25 kickoff like the Saints) and the Philadelphia Eagles at the Dallas Cowboys (the 7:30pm Sunday night game).  Both match-ups are win or go home. The winner takes the division title, and the loser is dropped out of playoff contention.

Let's break this down more.  If the Eagles win – and their match-up got a little easier with the news that Cowboys starting quarterback Tony Romo is out for the rest of the season, then they'll be the #3 seed. The #3 seed will host the #6 seed.  If Seattle, Carolina, San Francisco, New Orleans, and Philadelphia all win, then New Orleans will travel to Philly and play the Eagles in the Wildcard Round.  If Dallas pulls out the win with back-up quarterback Kyle Orton, then the NFC North match-up is important.

If the Bears beat the Packers, they will be the #4 seed if Philadelphia wins; but they will be the #3 seed if Dallas wins.  If Chicago gets the #3 seed, then the Saints would possibly return to chilly Soldier Field.  If the Packers win, the best they can do is the #4 seed; and the Saints may have to play on the frozen tundra of Lambeau Field. 

So, to try and recap. 

•    If New Orleans and Atlanta win, the Saints win the NFC South and get the #2 seed and a first round bye. 
•    If New Orleans, Carolina, Seattle, San Francisco, and Philadelphia all win, the Saints will be the #6 seed and will play at Philadelphia in the Wildcard Round.
•    If New Orleans, Carolina, Seattle, Arizona, and Philadelphia win, the Saints will be the #5 seed and will play at the winner of the Chicago vs. Green Bay game.
•    If New Orleans, Carolina, Seattle, San Francisco, Dallas, and Chicago win, the Saints will be the #6 seed and will play at Chicago.
•    If New Orleans, Carolina, Seattle, San Francisco, Dallas, and Green Bay win, the Saints will be the #6 seed and will play at Green Bay.

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12/24/2013 10:33AM
Saints Playoff Scenarios
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12/24/2013 10:34PM
Playoff scenarios
What if saints , Carolina , both lose
12/26/2013 12:00PM
One optioned missed
Your missing the scenario where the Arizona Wins, Dallas Wins, Chicago wins, and Carolina wins, the Saints would be the 5th seed and play against Dallas which seems to be the second best case to the Saints getting second seed.
12/26/2013 2:34PM
saints lose
They shouldn't have put themselves in thus position. so. SAINTS SUCK.BRING YOUR BAGS.THAT'S my opine
12/26/2013 2:37PM
Why did we lose to the Rams????AHHHHH!!!
12/26/2013 3:46PM
Hey to "Saints Lose"
Do us all a favor, pal, and go find another team if that is how u feel......nobody likes the fact that the Saints did this to themselves, but, fans don't give up so easy on their team...so please, find another team, how about Dallas, sounds like a good fit for u...........geez!
12/26/2013 9:04PM
Beat Tampa first
The way things have gone the last 2 weeks, this would be a welcomed change. Time to put up or shut the @%^* up.
12/26/2013 10:25PM
Everyone be quiet
Saints are going to the SB so just sit back and relax. Sean has this. Oh and Graham will kick the winning field goal
12/29/2013 6:22PM
Who dat
We love our Saints no matter what! Enough said.
12/30/2013 12:58PM
Carolina is WHO DAT!
Carolina fans hope little Breez and company walk back on our field so we can show them who dat is sacking Breez in the dirt!
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