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Saints Players Transcripts- Monday

New Orleans Saints Safety Kenny Vaccaro
Post-Practice Media Availability
Monday, August 19, 2013
Have veterans talked to you about the jump from the second to the third preseason game?
“Not really.  Today was like a normal practice.  I understand that the third game is more like an actual game but they haven’t really said anything about it.”
What are the takeaways from your performance last week?
“Just execute out the defense better, get better and better each week.  I thought we did a great job first half, second half of the game.  Houston has a good offense so we have to be prepared.”
What are you learning about blitzing in this defense and how much of it is different than the college level?
“Blitzing in the league is a lot different than college.  Quarterbacks are smarting so they can catch you in your blitz.  Just learning when blitzes are going to get home and when blitzes are not.  Sometimes you have to change.  As far as me, if I’m not blitzing I have to know if the blitz is going to get home I can sit on a route, if it’s not I have to make sure I stay deep.  I am still learning in that concept, but blitzing is blitzing to me.”
Do you think you are going to get a lot of opportunities this year?
“I haven’t done much blitzing in the games yet, but it’s only the preseason so we have a lot more for me.” 
Do you like being in coverage?
“Oh yeah, that’s all I did in college.  Big hits, I am just out there hitting.  I’d rather get turnovers any time of the day, but I’m just tackling honestly.”
How strong of a running back is Mark Ingram?
“He runs hard and he has an element where he can get tricky on you too.  So when a guy can run you over and trick you, they keep you on your toes.”
What did you do special teams wise at University of Texas that translates now?
“As a freshman at UT (Texas), the year we went to the National Championship (game), I was on their special teams. I am kind of (like) a freshman here now.  I am on a lot of special teams.  I think the more I play as far as on defense, the less that will be, but for right now I am starting on punt return.”
Is there a skill that pertains to that job?
“I think special teams is all about attitude and effort.  Honestly, guys that have effort want to be out there and want to play special team are good special teams players.”
New Orleans Saints Inside Linebacker Ramon Humber
Post-Practice Media Availability
Monday, August 19, 2013
What was it like for you and David Hawthorne getting more of an opportunity on Friday night?
“It was a great opportunity. Our linebacker corps all work well together. We count on each other, everybody on the defense and play off one another.”
How much confidence do you gain from a game like that?
“You gain a lot of confidence. Just in general, I know what I can do and how I can perform and it’s great to go out there and have a game like that. You still have to be humble, (and) you still have to look at details.”
Does Friday night give you the feel that you are comfortable in this new system and that you can thrive in it?
“I was already comfortable in the system, it was just getting an opportunity to play, an opportunity to showcase.”
Were you expecting to fill up the stat sheet like you did?
“No, it just happened.”
Do you realize that this is probably the best opportunity that you have received in the NFL?
“I believe so. I started in Indy. I had an opportunity there. When you are undrafted you are under the rader. I made the team there, things happened, I went somewhere else and just the system that this organization has really gives me a chance to thrive.”
What would you improve on from the other night?
“Alignment. As a team we had some missed alignments and missed coverages. Just like things like that. Pretty much paying attention to details are what we need to do. ”
Do you feel comfortable playing both inside spots?
“Anywhere they need me, I’ll play. It doesn’t really matter to me, as long as I receive an opportunity to play.”
Did you receive all your snaps in the last game at Curtis Lofton’s spot?
You put a lot of pressure on the quarterback in the second game. Is this what you can expect out of Rob Ryan?
“Ryan’s system is a lot of blitz pressure. It depends upon the situation. With this system we go forward with the call. When we dial it up, we dial it up.”
Don’t football players like to bring pressure rather than sit back and react?
“You want to be aggressive, but there are times when you have to get conservative.”
Does this defense match the personnel better than last year’s?
“I wouldn’t say that necessarily. I think last year we were going through the things we went through, (there was a) lack of focus at times. As far as the scheme, it fits a lot of the players they’ve brought in through free agency. Just being able to know that this is the guy (Rob Ryan) you want to play for and a guy that you like and a guy that brings energy to the defense.”
With 11 sacks in two games, is this going to be the personality of your defense this year?
“I hope we get a lot of pressure and hope the defensive line can do their thing up front and the secondary and us can cover long enough so that they can get to the quarterback.”
New Orleans Saints Tackle Zach Strief
Post-Practice Media Availability
Monday, August 19, 2013
Are you seeing positive signs in the running game’s and offensive line’s performance in the first two preseason games?
“You can see the run game developing. You can see improvement. I think we got out and ran a little bit better this week. There was a lot of yardage left out there. You can see the improvement and we just need to work on the consistency.”
Do you see a healthy Mark Ingram ready to have his best season yet?
“Yes, you can tell he’s a different player this year. He has a lot more explosion. We talked today that we’re learning a different type of run-blocking up front and they (the running backs) are too. I think you see a little bit in the offensive line of guys thinking what to do, and you see Mark ‘I know what I’m supposed to do but am not running instinctively yet.’ That is going to come. That is something that with time it is going to come. Fortunately for him, his body is healthy enough this year to make those cuts when he is ready to make them.”
What are your thoughts on what you’ve seen from Marques Colston?
“He is a guy that you know what you’re going to get out of him. I think it is important for him to be healthy. You push an injury early in camp to be in camp and then it nags you another eight weeks and you might be on the field but you’re 75%. In this league, you just can’t be 75%. It’s not going to get the job done. We know that when Marques comes back, he will do the things necessary to get himself ready. You look at a player that has been awfully consistent for seven years and I think they know what they are going to get out of him when he is physically ready to come back.”
What have you been most impressed with in Charles Brown?
“I remember telling Charles in the offseason, physically he is there. Physically he is more than good enough. He is a very talented guy. His issues are all going to come with confidence. I think you see that confidence growing. I think you see him being more comfortable in his sets. I think you see him making better decisions in the run game. Physically, he’s always been ready. I think what you’re seeing now is he’s in a position battle and I think he took that battle, grabbed it, ran with it and said ‘ this is mine.’ With the confidence of doing that, I think you’re seeing him becoming an awfully good player.”
Talk about the progression of Jahri Evans and what you see from him going in to another season.
“We get into camp and he obviously has a lot of reps on him already. He’s missed out on 10 snaps since he’s been in the league. It’s pretty amazing. You see him come in to camp and he is like ‘man, I can’t get my steps, I can’t get my steps.’ As camp goes and he loosens up, he just gets better and better. You turn on game film and it’s the same, everyone is fighting at the line of scrimmage and Jahri is eight yards down the field blocking somebody. He is a monster on gameday and he is as good as he’s ever been right now.”

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