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SOUND OFF! Jefferson or Lee to start for LSU?

Who should start at QB for LSU?  Jarret Lee or Jordan Jefferson?  Lee tossed 2 interceptions in the win over Alabama.  Plus, do you want a rematch between the Tigers and Tide?  I know I do!  Stanford, Oklahoma State, and Boise State can't hang with either of those two teams.  No disrespect to the Cowboys, Cardinal, or Broncos; but the two best teams in the country played Saturday night.  It was so fun...let's do it again. BTW keep Lee as your starter, with a little mix of Jefferson in there.

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11/07/2011 11:30AM
Kristian: Jefferson or Lee to start for LSU?
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11/07/2011 12:23PM
Torn between 2 QB's
I'm really torn between 2 QB's and feeling like a fool, or perhaps lucky? On one hand Lee got us there. On the other hand Jefferson kept us in the toughest game of the season. If I were coach Miles, I'd probably stick with the 2 withLee starting and insert Jefferson where we need him. Don't fix what ain't broke...yet.
11/07/2011 12:53PM
It is what it is!
I think Lee can manage the games coming so it wouldn't be an issue to have him remain as the starter, but the player with the most poise out of the two and has been better and proven in the big games is JJ. I think Lee needs to reps to remain and gain confidence. I think also, though, JJ needs the reps to be more ready for the big games b/c we will need him against Arkansas, for the SEC Title game, and the National Title.
11/07/2011 3:13PM
It is what is is
That's the appropriate title. Good grief, blessed with 2 quarterbacks, one who got LSU where they are, another who has running capability, another dimension...yeah, don't fix what ain't broke....Unless Western Kentucky is some trap game....the THIRD quarterback should get some reps for next year....Mettenberger. Just when they think they have LSUS team offense figured out, this team seamlessly switches back and forth from quarterback to quarterback. An embarrassement of riches. Go defense! Beat the Razorbacks!
11/07/2011 7:46PM
Jefferson or Lee
I am really so proud of Jarrett Lee, not only for what he has done for this LSU football team, but for the courage and character he has shown in going through some very tough times at LSU and staying the course! Having stated that, I was disappointed inhis performance in the Alabama game, and well pleased with the performance of Jefferson as well as Ford and some other players. It's really the coaches call, but in my opinion, I would give Jefferson a chance to start. George Joseph De Metz
11/07/2011 10:53PM
11/07/2011 11:18PM
Jefferson is the best fit
Jordan Jefferson is best fit because Lee showed that he could not handle the pressure. LEE. is a good backup. Action speaks louder than words. They are both good quarterbacks! TM
11/07/2011 11:29PM
Jefferson 100%
Jefferson is the quarterback from last year and has proven himself worthy this year. LSU would not be where they are now without JORDAN JEFFERSON and his elite skill set. Jefferson should be the starter and rotate when feasible. Goooo LSU tigers
11/08/2011 8:19AM
Lee Has starter
I think we need to keep Lee has the starter. I believe when Jefferson enters the game he brings a skill set that is different to the opposing defense. Also I disagree with playing the Tide again. The only way I see playing the Tide is if the Sooners loseand the Cardinals lose. I would take the Tide over Boise Staqte.
11/09/2011 2:58PM
Both should play -- does not matter who starts--compliment each other when needed
11/11/2011 3:51PM
100% Lee Starter
We are 9 and 0 because of Jarett Lee not Jordan. I think they should play both but Lee should be the starter. He threw 100 passes with 1 interception, he had a bad game that is it!!!! Brees threw 4 interceptions in a game and we know how great he is...itcan happen. Bad snap , wrong route, anything. I think it would be terrible to replace him now and wrong. He will do great the rest of the year, yes against Arkansas too!!
11/11/2011 3:54PM
Jarrett Lee Should Stay Starter
Let Jefferson throw 100 passes and see how many get intercepted. Jarrett should start , both should play. Would like to see Zach Mettenberger too.
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