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SOUND OFF: Does Les Miles owe Jarrett Lee anything?

 When Jordan Jefferson got into trouble in the pre-season Jarrett Lee became the starting quarterback of a team with national championship aspirations.  Lee guided the Tigers to an 8 and 0 record before tossing two interceptions against Alabama on November 5th.  LSU won that slugfest 9-6 over the Tide. 

However, Lee has seen very little playing time since. 

Many Tiger fans are angry that Les Miles benched the senior quarterback in favor of Jordan Jefferson.  Lee has gone in to kneel on the football a couple of times in mop-up duty in the Tigers’ final few games. 

Is this an insult…or not? 

Hello!  The Tigers are 13 and 0 for the first time in school history and we're second-guessing the only coach to guide the Tigers to a perfect regular season??

Miles doesn't owe Lee anything!  Lee is not entitled to play, it's at the discretion of Coach Miles.  Les is doing what's best for his team and that at the moment is Jordan Jefferson at quarterback. 

Tiger fans, sit back relax and watch the Tigers make history!  When the clock strikes zero on January 9th and LSU is raising the crystal ball as national champs, will it matter?  No way!  Whatever works, I am fine with. 

I have confidence that Miles is doing what he feels is best for his team…what’s best for LSU.  Are you with me?  Are you giving the man who may be college football’s coach of the year the benefit of the doubt? 

SOUND OFF below - Agree or disagree with Kristian? 

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12/07/2011 11:39AM
SOUND OFF: Does Les Miles owe Jarrett Lee anything?
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12/07/2011 12:27PM
OF course not!
Kristian nailed it. Lee would still be behind center if he didn't throw those two picks against bama. Let's stick with what we got
12/07/2011 2:21PM
Senior Dissed
Miles is certainly doing what he thinks is best for the team. But, to send Lee in to kneel on the ball is total disrespect for a senior player who was crucial to the undefeated season. Put Metlenberger in to take a knee.
12/07/2011 3:34PM
logic would have been better
miles trusted lee when jefferson was having his problems. has he lost that trust? seems that he did. lee should have still been the starter and jeferson come in when needed. i saw times when passing was needed to pull the tigers out of some of the situations that were going against them. i would have put lee in at that time. there is no question he can call the shots, but some of the shots misfired at times. i am with the one that said, put mettenber in to take a knee and not sugject lee to the embarrasment.
12/07/2011 3:35PM
Jefferson should not be on the team at all.If you break the rules you should off the team that also goes for professional sports,it sends a bad message to the kids
12/07/2011 5:13PM
fair is fair
What we have is NOT a two way street. You may recall when Jeff came back, the declaration was that Lee was the starter. You may also recall that Jeff rotated in fairly quickly. Now that Jeff is the starter, its not working the other way around when Jeff is struggling. Can you say "record setting half of NO 1st downs?" Fair is fair ... or Not?
12/07/2011 5:17PM
California Tiger Fan
It's a total embarassment for Lee to get sent in to take the kneel down play at the end of the game. If it happens again on January 9th, Lee should take a 7 step drop and let it fly to one of the wideouts!
12/07/2011 5:31PM
Lee committed to the team, it should respect that commitment
Gang, let's realize that Lee could have chosen to leave LSU given the history before this season, ... and the one before that. He elected to give his commitment to THIS university, team and coaching staff. It seems that it has abandoned him. Its a bit embarrassing. The only "unless" is if there is some unspoken story in the background. Whether its the current rumors or something else. Then we are left with "trusting" the coaching staff, ... as Lee and his family did 4 years ago.
12/07/2011 6:21PM
Just Wrong!!
I know we have to trust the coaches, but I don't understand this situation at all. Putting Lee in to take a knee seems just wrong! If the rumors are true about academics, why put him in at all? I think I could have swallowed that a little easier if thats the case.
12/07/2011 10:13PM
Shows the WRONG side of loyalty
Jarett Lee EARNED the right to start. I have seen QB's pulled during a bad performance (like Alabama), but they DON'T lose their starting position after ONE BAD GAME. Jefferson appears to be much improved over last year's debacle but he is no more than a glorified running back. He IS NOT the better QB. Les Miles' MAN CRUSH on Jefferson has robbed Lee of the opportunity to play. GET OVER IT LES!!! Just go get a room if you love him that much. I think that other players will see this as blatant FAVORITISM. Like of one individual over the ABILITY of another.
12/08/2011 4:23AM
It has been kept hush hush that Lee has been skipping classes and possibly even failing. Lees eligibilty is even questioned. Les uses the term internal matters to keep the press at bay and dosen't comment on the issue. Les should step up and let everyone know that the true status with Lee is, so no one will be left wondering why Lee is really not getting any touches.
12/08/2011 6:31AM
Really Kristian? I submit that if JJ was the QB for the first eight games, LSU would ABSOLUTELY not be undefeated. They needed a real QB to take them through that 3 game road schedule. You know, one that can throw the ball accurately. JJ is a running back not a QB. If there are other issues, tell us. Otherwise, Miles deserves to be criticized for his treatment of the man that got them there. Lee deserves more - he earned it.
12/08/2011 8:25AM
"the rest(?) of the story . . . REALLY??????
"It has been kept hush hush that Lee has been skipping classes and possibly even failing" --- wow! You mean Lee may have sustained emotional damage from being improperly treated by his coach? Has the abuse he has suffered because Miles is in love with Jefferson caused damage to Lee so that he cannot function properly? Be realistic. Lee earned the starting job. Jefferson has been better this year, but if he had been the starter all year, we wouldn't be worried about playing for the BCS against Bama. We'd be hoping to get a good bowl, but definitely not a BCS. It takes an entire team to be where we are. A good team can overcome that ONE WEAKNESS we have for a few games, but just waiting for him to louse things up ROYALLY in the championship game. He's a RB that got the wrong number on his jersey, and Les thought he had a QB.
12/08/2011 8:49AM
Jefferson is a Thug
You mighty right Lee deserves to play. How does 5-8 look to you? Jefferson is a thug. Channel 2 WBRZ 6pm 1/7/11 Jefferson states "I have no reason to be pissed off at the world." What a statement! What a thug.
12/08/2011 8:59AM
Gus in Belle Chasse
Thank goodness the tigers had Lee at the time Jefferson was where he was not supposed to be. Lee did a great job during his short tenure on the field. I do feel Lee has a problem with letting the pressure get to him. When he knew he was going to be thestarter and had no competition, he had nothing to loose. Then when Jefferson was allowed to practice and be on the sidelines again, I feel that affected Lee mentally. You certainly could see it in his play. Take care, Gus in Belle Chasse
12/08/2011 9:36AM
both tactics worked perfectly
Look, no doubt jefferson exercised horrible judgement in the bar melee', but he did his time and suffered the punishment that was DELEGATED to him by his COACH. Lee took the reigns and got the tigers to where they needed to be. Jefferson came back and proved to be the better player, which he was anyway....so it all works out...GO TIGERS.....PERIOD.
12/08/2011 12:53PM
@both tactics worked perfectly
Jefferson proved to be the better player.???? What games are you watching. When Lee was playing the offense actually scored a lot with the long passes. The defense didn't have to score all points. Jefferson has improved such a little bit in 4 years it is rediculous. My guess is Les will try and figure out some way to keep his boy crush one more year. OmG Certainly hope Les Miles kids that play sports never get treated or disrespected by their coach the way Miles has disrespected Lee. It is really pathetic!
12/08/2011 12:56PM
Kristian you are wrong on this one!!
The fans will NEVER forget the disrespect Miles has shown Jarett Lee. If it is academics then Lee shouldn't be out there at all...kneel with 31 seconds left. How degrading!!
12/08/2011 4:44PM
12/08/2011 4:47PM
Totally Agree with your statement. Ditto
12/08/2011 4:56PM
Kristian is an idiot
Kristian how can you say this. Miles and Jefferson is exactly like Jim Haslett and Aaron Brooks. He is going to go down in the National Championship game with Jefferson just like Haslett did. Remember the year that the Saints needed one more victory to clinch the playoffs and Brooks was hurt. Jefferson is nothing more than a thug and should not be on the team.
12/08/2011 7:11PM
12/08/2011 11:54PM
Kristian is an idiot and fool
Unfortunately LSU will not be the team hoisting the crystal trophy precisely because of Jordan Jefferson. He is much easier for Alabam to defend since he's such a terrible passer and they'll be ready for the poorly run option play. Of course, now that Lee has been treated so disrespectfully, he probably couldn't do much better anyway. What a waste of a great opportunity for a national title. Smart money will be on Alabama.
12/08/2011 11:59PM
I hope somebody gets you a step ladder for Christmas, Crissy
That way people won't eat soup off of your head.
12/09/2011 12:02AM
Miles has no class
What a waste is right! After Alabama wins, Miles will be second guessed for destroying Lee's confidence by having Jefferson constantly looking over his should - just waiting for one mistake by Lee. Now we're stuck with a second rate runningquarterback.
12/09/2011 12:06AM
Yes, Miles should be J*ERK of the year, not coach of the year. Enjoy second place.
12/09/2011 8:13AM
Les talked about his "TWO QUARTERBACK ATTACK" to www.lsureveille.com on 10/17/2011. I hope he realizes you have to USE two quarterbacks to have an effective TWO QUARTERBACK ATTACK. If your best QB sitting on the bench or your second string sitting equals a TWO QUARTERBACK ATTACK, then EVERYONE DOES IT, and it isn't different. Stop being such an ssa LES!
12/09/2011 10:21AM
Simply, NO!
While Miles and all LSU fans are appreciative for what Lee did in stabilizing the quarterback position in the absence of Jefferson, LSU nor Miles owes him nothing. We must remembers that Jefferson was the clear cut winner in the spring and summer to be the quarterback for the Tigers and after the situation he became involved in was cleared up and felony charges dropped, he became the QB one again.
12/09/2011 10:46AM
Your right!
Let's see, when was the last time I coached a major collage team to a 13-0 season? Uhh, never. Miles is the coach, it is his call. Looks to me like he is right. There is no "I" in TEAM. Lee may be hurt, but he would agree.
12/09/2011 2:03PM
@Your right!
You're Wrong!!!
12/09/2011 2:04PM
Aaron Brooks
I think the comparison to Haslett and Aaron Brooks is right on.
12/09/2011 2:34PM
@Miles has no class
Totally Agree!!!
12/09/2011 2:36PM
@Simply, no
Did you watch the Spring Game??? Jefferson clear cut winner....Simply, no you did not see the spring game. Lee and Mettenberger did the best!!
12/09/2011 3:47PM
He earned it!
What would it have hurt to let Lee play when you were up by two and three TD's in the 4th? Nothing. He earned the right to play when he won 8 games for you. You may not think he should be the starter, but he should have played Lee on Senior day and the SEC Championship when we were way ahead. He earned it!
12/09/2011 8:45PM
Miles is a hypocrite when it comes to Lee. If Lee would have played like Jefferson did in any game, much less the SEC Champ game he would have been yanked. LSU and Miles are 13-0 and Lee had as much or more to do with it than Jefferson.
12/10/2011 10:14AM
All you Jordan Jefferson haters need to sit down.
12/10/2011 11:14AM
no hatin
Lee deserved more than he got from Miles at the end of the season. Why not play him when the game is out of reach or when JJ is playing like trash ( 2 qb system )? Jefferson would have not started for a lot of the teams LSU beat ( Arkansas, Alabama, Georgia, Florida, Oregon, and WVA ). But then again, Lee would have struggled at these places as well. The hate is on Miles for being a @#$%head to Lee.
12/10/2011 1:36PM
The ONLY thing I disagreed with is sending in Lee to take a knee. WHY? Is it to say that he played in the game? Does he have to be in at least one play to gain any benifits I may not be aware of? If not, Let JJ take the knee. Especially in the Arkansas game. ONE PLAY?!?! ONE KNEE?!?!Explain that one to me.
12/10/2011 3:37PM
Sound OFF
Miles had donee Lee wrong,especially senior day when he put him in at the end of the game,wat Lee needs to do is pull his jersey helmet and pads off and throw it on the field, i promise u jefferson wont have a good game against Bama again then i cant tohear miles excusr when the (TIDE)kicks there tail.....roll tide roll tide roll tide roll tide..Les Miles is a joke he is winning because he has talent..
12/14/2011 9:46AM
Sounds like we've been invaded by a 'bama fan . . .
Besides being "spelling challenged", Sound OFF said: "wat Lee needs to do is pull his jersey helmet and pads off and throw it on the field" - yeah, sure. Lee can do more damage to 'bama than Jefferson. One bad game which happened to come against the tide. He also said: "Les Miles is a joke he is winning because he has talent.." So the, Nick Sabin has been running, passing, and tackling for the tide? I don't think so. I think 'bama is where it is because of the players' talent too. Stop being such an idiot and go back to the 'bama forums where you belong.
12/14/2011 11:00AM
Les owes Lee Respect
the respect for the 8 wins to start the season. Sending Lee in to take a knee to end the game is not respect it is an insult. but it should not have suprised anyone when Jefferson took back over it was just a matter of time. we all know that Les is married to Jefferson. Jefferson himself said in an aftergame interview (I believe it was Florida Game) "I am just waiting for my time to take this team back over." This was less than a week after Les said "Lee is the Starting Quarterback." I will always support the Tigers but to me this is the only black eye on this great season. The disrespect of Lee.
12/14/2011 1:50PM
Lack of respect
I hope there is something that is not being reported between Lee and Miles, because if there is not, then a lot of folks have lost a whole lot of respect for Les Miles. You don't treat a player with the disrespect that Miles has shown Lee. And how about Miles quotes after each game in the news conferences. Oh sure, you intend to use him, and right...he is a big part of your game plan. BS. You send him in to take a knee in three games in a row, and you call that making him part of your game plan. Come on Les, just tell the truth, and all will be good. What part of the game plan is Lee a part of..."Jarrett, make sure your knee pads are clean, cause you'll be dropping down on one of them for the last play of the game. And by the way, thanks for covering our butts while JJ was being displayed everyday on the TV going into and out of the EBR Parish Prison!" Les, just do what is right and tell the truth! I agree with another blogger... "I will always support the Tigers but to me this is the only black eye on this great season. The disrespect of Lee."
12/16/2011 12:58PM
It comes back around!!!
I think Coach Miles is spiteful and is doing this to show the fans he can do whatever he wants. Even when JJ threw all the interceptions in the Capitol One Bowl (that we lost) he still never pulled JJ and tried something else like maybe (Russell Shephard). I knew at that point unless something happened, (like JJ getting arrested) that JJ would always be the starting quarterback (doing bad or good didn't matter). I bet Lee probably wishes now he would have transferred. In the BCS bowl if he only plays him to take a knee, i would tell CLM something i really can't say on this blog. I think we need both of them and would love to see them both play equal time. You are wrong this time Kristian and just be glad Lee is not your son or i think you would see the wrong and right part of it.
12/16/2011 1:03PM
@Shows the wrong side of loyalty
Perfectly Stated!! I agree totally!!!
12/16/2011 1:51PM
Has taken some of the shine off the season.
I thought Les Miles was better than this.
12/17/2011 10:28AM
I have tried to support CLM 100% , i would think it would be hard not to with a 13 and 0 season. What he has done to Lee i truly hope no one does to his kids. CLM said of Lee after the Bama game and i quote "He just had a bad game, that's all". CLM was waiting for any chance to put JJ as starter again and Lee knew that. Who wouldn't be nervous. Thank You Jarett Lee! I hope you know how much the fans appreciate you for what you have done for the team this year. When you were starting the team seemed so organized and confident. With JJ starting , JJ and the team seemed lost and confused. Thank God we have so much talent and a swamp hybrid defense. CLM you should really not feel good about your treatment of Lee ths year or for that matter the last three years. He saved many games for the Tigers. Please Jarett don't take a knee in the BCS game, let Coach Miles take the knee!!!! Good Luck Lee
12/19/2011 5:13PM
Les Miles
That's B S Les Miles owes Lee. You keep talking like Les is doing what's best for the team that's also B S he doing what's best for Les. He's acting like Jordan never threw INT'S and made bad decisions in games. Why didn't he bench Jordan, when he made bad decisions & put Lee in. So he could do what's best for the team. That's what's B S
12/21/2011 4:30PM
no 1st downs in a half ?
conference championship game good example of tale of two Les. He pulls Lee out while having bad game but leaves in Jefferson when he cant throw 2 feet in front of him. Good thing running backs wore out UGA, otherwise different story
12/27/2011 7:54PM
Was Jefferson found GUILTY?
Christian, you are right on with your opinion. Was Jefferson found guilty? Anybody can say anything. This is the United States! What happened to innocent until found guilty? Jefferson should not have been suspended from the beginning! What do you want people, a winning team or a loosing team or a team that has barely wins? Make up your minds!
01/09/2012 10:07PM
Oh the irony!
Jefferson and Miles cost us the championship so I think Miles owes Lee if not for every LSU fan
02/16/2012 3:40PM
@Was Jefferson found GUILTY?
Whether JJ is found guilty or not or was never even arrested has nothing to do with when JJ is having a bad game CLM would not even take him out for a series. He knew no matter how he played, he was staying in. Mindboggling.
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