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SCOOT Blog: TIME Magazine Cover: Nurturing or Naughty?

5.12.12 - It takes a lot to cause me to think something is inappropriate.  I support same-sex marriage.  I defend pornography under the First Amendment, and I basically believe individuals should have the right to make decisions that others think are morally wrong.  But, I have to admit when I saw the cover of this week’s TIME magazine, I was shocked!

The picture on the cover of TIME is that of a 26-yr-old mother breastfeeding her nearly 4-yr-old son. Breastfeeding a child that old is questioned, but since I’m not a doctor, I’ll pass on judgment of breastfeeding older children.  What shocked me is the pose. A nearly 4-yr-old child is standing on a small chair to reach his mother’s breast.  The mother is wearing a spaghetti-strap top with one side pulled down giving her son access to her breast.  The model-like mother is posed and the son is looking at the camera. There’s something unnatural about it.

While I totally support breastfeeding in public and have always believed there is something wrong with our society that even questions that most natural process, the cover of TIME and the photos that accompany the story bring to mind the word “pedophilia.”  And there is nothing natural about that.

With so much protest of the provocative covers of magazines, like Cosmopolitan and Maxim, I can’t image this issue of TIME will be displayed in stores without significant objection.  TIME is going for shock value for the purpose of selling magazines.  I understand and support this motive in a free enterprise system where news has become “entertainment,” BUT we still have the right to comment on what we consider “inappropriate.”

To enhance the “shock value” of its cover photo, TIME made the nearly 4-yr-old boy look much older than he is.  After viewing the cover Thursday, I didn’t even recognize the child, when I saw him Friday morning on NBC’s “Today’s Show.”

Unlike the natural beauty of a mother breastfeeding her baby, even in public, the cover of TIME magazine attempts to appeal to our sexual nature.  Appealing to our sexual nature is fine, but using a 4-yr-old child to do it wrong.  

See for yourself by clicking HERE.  Is it “nurturing” or “naughty?”  I say the latter.

05/11/2012 1:19PM
SCOOT Blog: TIME Magazine Cover: Nurturing or Naughty?
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05/11/2012 10:11PM
Breast feeding to lose weight
Breast feeding uses about 1500 calories to make breast milk. This mom in great shape what to say that this is just another way to keep weight off,than it is not for the child it's for the mom. People do all kinds of crazy things to take that extra bit and not gain weight. I think that is whats behind this.
05/13/2012 10:11AM
Will be humiliating to the child when he gets a little older! Sad
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