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SCOOT: Zimmerman ?got away with murder'' - What This Tells Us About Our Justi

Scoot@wwl.com  - What is your reaction to a juror in the George Zimmerman trial now saying Zimmerman “got away with murder” in the killing of Trayvon Martin and that she feels she owes an apology to Martin’s parents?

On ABC’s “Good Morning America,” Juror B29 said, “You can’t put a man in jail even though in your hearts we felt he was guilty.”  But isn’t it the responsibility of the jury in a trial to convict those who are guilty?  So, if George Zimmerman committed murder – why wasn’t he convicted? 

This is not the first time we’ve heard this kind of reaction from a juror.  In the Casey Anthony trial we heard jurors say they thought she was guilty, but the state did not prove its case – so the only verdict was “not guilty.”  

Though many people are confused following this juror’s surprising revelation that she believes George Zimmerman “got away with murder,” this demonstrates that one fundamental American right that was believed to be lost is still truly intact in our system of justice – you ARE innocent until PROVEN guilty!

“We had to grab our hearts and put it aside and look at the evidence,” admitted Juror B29.  In all the talk in the media before and during the Zimmerman trial, I joined those voices in warning that the jury may reach a verdict that many will disagree with and that happens because of how a jury accepts the responsibility of applying the law, technically, to a case.  That happened in the trial of the four L.A. police officers, who were found “not guilty” in the beating of Rodney King and in the case against Casey Anthony – and arguably in the murder trial of O.J. Simpson.  It should be reassuring to know that jurors do take their incredible responsibility of sitting in judgment seriously and that juries can judge cases on facts and evidence –  not emotions. That’s our system.

To act on emotion would be equivalent to hearing about a crime that was committed and then an angry mob runs and grabs the suspect and immediately lynches him at the town square.  Our system is designed to prevent the human instinct of revenge from controlling our actions.
There is no question that our system of justice in America is not perfect and justice is not always blind, but our system is admired around the world.  While we scratch our heads and question those verdicts that so contradict the emotional verdicts we have reached in the “court of public opinion,” we should appreciate the moments that show us that defendants, even in high-profile cases, will get a fair trial.

There will be outrage throughout America and in the media about the admission from a juror that she believes George Zimmerman murdered Trayvon Martin, but was found “not guilty” of the crime, because the prosecution did not prove its case…because of “reasonable doubt.”

We, as a nation, also learn that contrary to the widely-held belief that people in highly-publicized cases are unfairly tried and convicted in the media – defendants can receive a fair trial that seems shrouded in public bias.  

In the cases of O.J. Simpson, the 4 L.A. police officers, Casey Anthony and now George Zimmerman, the media was accused of condemning people. who should’ve been perceived as innocent until proven guilty.  But the truth is – the aforementioned did receive that precious American right of a fair trial.  

Fair trials are not determined by the public consensus of “guilt” or “innocence” – rather by an objective jury.  The landscape of justice in America is littered with innocent men and women who have been convicted – and in some cases executed – for crimes they did not commit.  
And if our system is flawed – isn’t it better if a guilty man goes free – than an innocent man convicted?

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07/26/2013 12:22AM
SCOOT: Zimmerman “got away with murder'' - What This Tells Us About Our Justice System!
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07/26/2013 2:52AM
It turns out that she is just looking for her 15 minutes of fame by deliberately changing the DEFINITION of the word, MURDER. Murder is the unlawful and malicious or premeditated killing of one human being by another. The keyword in the definition is UNLAWFUL. If it was murder, she would not have had to vote as she did.
07/26/2013 4:26AM
The law so mess up in This world. Put it like this what if it was your son or Daughter jury and judge answer that?
07/26/2013 7:16AM
The reason the poll is odd is because you don't lock up people based on feelings. No one in their right mind cheers for guilty people to be let go. If there is not enough evidence to convict, then you can't lock them up. That's America.
07/26/2013 9:12AM
Self Defense
All of the evidence and testimony showed that Zimmerman was probably telling the truth, and that he acted in self defense. Now Juror B29 is doing the same, to prevent harm to herself from the lynch mob mentality.
07/26/2013 10:35AM
Scoot: "Zimmerman got away with murder"
She probably made this statement hoping the death threats against her will stop? Just a guess... If the jury did not have the evidence to convict, they HAD to acquit by law. otherwise it's the legal version of a lynch mob.
07/26/2013 12:52PM
What's with the question,"If it were your son, what would you do". So if it's your son you would send him to jail regardless of the facts? There was no evidence to indicate anything other than Travonn closed the distance on him and initiated the contact, threw the first punch and got shot for his aggressiveness. Your son or not, justice demanded that he be found not guilty. Right is right. In our society today, when something bad happens, somebody has got to pay whether they are guilty or not. Come on people. We are better than this.
07/26/2013 3:22PM
Where is the rest of the interview???
Part of the GMA interview transcript published by Yahoo! News: When asked by Roberts whether the case should have gone to trial, Maddy said, "I don't think so." "I felt like this was a publicity stunt. This whole court service thing to me was publicity," she said. So the juror stated that Zimmerman got away with murder, yet she also believes GZ should not have been charged and that this case should not have gone to trial??? That does not make sense to me. I now find myself wondering why the statements quoted above were not included in the video linked to the story. It seems as if the media may once again be trying to make this story into something that it is not (e.g., NBC blatantly editing the 911 call to portray GZ as being a racial profiler).
08/01/2013 7:35AM
None of this matters as long as Scoot can have anal sex in public parks.
None of this matters as long as Scoot can have anal sex in public parks.
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