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Posted: Monday, 21 July 2014 7:07AM

Report: Louisiana residents are the happiest in the nation

People living in Louisiana are very happy!  While residents of the state may be some of the poorest and fattest... family, food and the culture are among the reasons residents love life. 

"Because we have so much to do down here," one local told WWL First News.  "You have so much entertainment, hospitality."

Other pointed to the amazing closeness of families and friends in Louisiana, without the rat race of some other places.

"Life isn't as hectic," one man said.  "It's casual, laid back.  I like it... it seems every time new people come, the want to stay."

We found one woman who proved his point.

"I'm from Michigan.  I came to visit and never left,"  she explained.  "I love it here."

Others pointed to how friendly people are in Louisiana and all of the celebrations.

"There's so much going on," one woman said.

Another man noted, "You can tell by the parties, that's our life.  You gotta love it."

The top five happiest cities are all in Louisiana according to data coming from a working paper by Harvard professor Edward Glaeser, Vancouver School of Economics professor Joshua Gottlieb and Harvard doctoral student Oren Ziv.

Of the top 60 cities with the happiest people, eight are in Louisiana.

1. Lafayette, LA MSA
2. Houma, LA MSA
3. Shreveport-Bossier City, LA MSA
4. Baton Rouge, LA MSA
5. Alexandria, LA MSA    
8. Lake Charles, LA MSA
17. Monroe, LA MSA
59. New Orleans, LA

The five least happy cities are:

Evansville-Henderson, IN-KY MSA
Erie, PA MSA   
South Bend, IN MSA
St. Joseph, MO MSA
New York, NY PMSA

Click here for a full list and more on the happiest cities study...

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