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Reaction to bin Laden's death - REALLY?

For the last two days, I've listened to conversations about the death of Bin Laden.  I listened to every minute of Tommy’s and Spud’s shows.  I knew I should be blogging something about a truly historic moment in U.S. history.  Instead, I felt vaguely removed.  Maybe, it was the fact that everyone was saying all there was to say about the subject.  (Have you ever heard that song...."everybody's talking at me, they don't hear a word I'm saying.....?")  But today, I finally heard something that  I suspect few are noticing. 


There is none.


Really?  You don't think bin Ladin is dead?  If not, don't you think that it's going to be awfully easy to embarrass the President, Chief of Staff, the Democrats, Republicans, the conservatives, the liberals, the media, the Pakistani military, the Pakistani president, our Joint Chiefs of Staff, all those gathered in the President's "ready room," Seal teams, the C.I.A., AND THE WHOLE WORLD,  when Bin Ladin pops up and says, “Hellooooooo I'm over here!” 

I know, there is nothing that would make you believe otherwise.

Really?  You think they captured him, but didn't kill him.  Wow!  I'd love to know who it is that's found "the way.”  They've got a product that will make them rich! HOW TO KEEP A SECRET!   These are the first humans to be able to keep that kind of secret in the age of Twitter, Facebook, Wikileaks, Pirate Bay, and Anonymous.  Please tell the government how to avoid modern communications because all of those I just listed are opening government secrets to the public on a regular basis, and no one knows how to stop them. I talking about encrypted messages from the President of the United States of America to world leaders.  Washington to Afghanistan encrypted messages to ambassadors and generals.  Corporate secrets, all the way down to some CEO's social security number and credit cards.....I mean it's a crazy new world! 

I know, there is nothing that would make you believe otherwise.

Really?  You didn't believe Obama was born in Hawaii?  Did you ever take a look at the Hawaiian newspaper that placed (the paper not the parents) the announcement of Obama's birth in their morning edition, the day of his birth?  I never could figure out how the newspaper knew that he would be the President of the United States one day, and since he was born in Kenya they (the Hawaii newspaper staff) would have to plant the stories to "cover" the real birth place. The paper knew all this controversy would erupt decades later, so they had to plant the cover story.  Amazing!  Hard to believe!  Right?

 I know, there is nothing that would make you believe otherwise.

Really?  You believe that 9/11 was done by Americans.  Americans wired both buildings with explosives that took the building down.  Actually, I recently watched a National Geographic television show that took a close look at this belief.  The producers physically tried everything the conspiracy believers thought preceded the fall of the twin towers, then proceeded to disprove all of them.  But the disproving had no affect other than to make the believers more convinced they were right. (Please read my blog of: April 11, "America Katrina-ized," for scientific research that may have proven that this strange reaction to "belief-challenges" actually occurs frequently. You can find that blog by clicking here.)

I know, there is nothing that would make you believe otherwise.

Really?  You don't believe that President Obama's revealing his "long form" birth certificate is proof of American birth. No need for details here.

I know, there is nothing that would make you believe otherwise.

I'm just surprised it took me so long to notice.  My "bible," is a small book entitled, The True Believer by Eric Hoffer.  It's a rather complicated book on the nature of mass movements, mainly political and religious mass movements.  It's Hoffer's lifetime look at “how mass movements create a demand of blind faith and single hearted allegiance." That’s what Hoffer calls them, those True Believers, those of the fanatical faith, who hear no words that would change their minds.

So what does all this have to do with the death of Bin Ladin?  It's another perfect example of what you have when minds where faith and certainty are frozen in place.  No need for growth or expansion or change of who we are today, on our way to tomorrow. 

Bear with me a moment. Imagine, masses of people.  Divided by a single line.  One side of the line has food. The other water.   Each group needing the other to maintain lifestyle and survival.  One group says come this way for water.  The other says no, its this way for water. One group says this way for food.  The other says no, this way for food. Each has enough partial truth to prove they're right.  Neither side will give into what the other believes.  Everyone gets to say their "true beliefs" and no belief changes.  So they stay where they are....forever.  One will have no food.  One will have no water.  But they'll have the comfort of those who like them...their fellow true believers.  A comfort that binds them and blinds them, to the end result.

Sound familiar?

Bin Ladin will soon be yesterday's big news.  I think the bigger story is the refusal to listen, to learn, to grow, simply because we won't be accepted by the true believers in the mass movements if we attempt to change.  It's a story that runs so often in our social-media tortured souls, that few ever listen.

    There is none.


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09/01/2011 11:24AM
Reaction to bin Laden's death: "REALLY?"
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