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Posted: Wednesday, 12 February 2014 6:51AM

Poll: Landrieu would lose to 'Duck Commander'

From a double-digit lead to a statistical dead heat with her best-financed challenger -- a new survey from Public Policy Polling shows Sen. Mary Landrieu (D-Louisiana) faces challenges in her bid to get reelected this fall.

In August, a PPP survey showed Landrieu with a ten-point lead over Republican Congressman Bill Cassidy. Six months later, after a public relations disaster in the roll out of the Affordable Care Act, commonly called "Obamacare," Landrieu's lead is now just one point -- a statistical tie, accounting for the poll's margin of error.

Landrieu supported the ACA and conservative groups have pounced on that. Broadcast ads use clips from a Landrieu appearance in which she says if she had to do it all over again, she would still vote for it. LSU political science professor Kirby Goidel says recent polls from PPP, Rasmussen and Harper show those ads are working.

"You're seeing a lot of outside money come in and a lot of advertising already in opposition to her," said Goidel. "It's not a specific Mary Landrieu problem as much as...she's a Democrat in a red state running in a mid-term election year with some problems in terms of national politics on Obamacare."

While the poll give Landrieu a one-point lead over Cassidy, it also posed a hypothetical match up between her and Duck Dynasty patriarch Phil Robertson. The results showed the "Duck Commander" in a four-point lead over Landrieu.

"I think the best number in there is that Cassidy's one point down, but Phil Robertson's winning!" Goidel laughed. "I think that tells you a lot."

Phil Robertson recently made headlines when he called gays "sinners" in a magazine interview. Robertson's endorsement of political newcomer Vance McAllister is thought to have been a crucial factor in McAllister's surprise victory in the Louisiana 5th Congressional District race.

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