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Posted: Friday, 05 July 2013 11:58AM

Police union says NOPD can ban visible tattoos, but they don't like it

Debate is underway about a new policy that bans NOPD officers from having any visible tattoos while they are in uniform.

"It just seems like it is an ill-advised approach to a problem that didn't exist," Police Association of New Orleans attorney Eric Hessler said.  "We realize that the chief has the ability to pass such a regulation, we don't necessarily agree with it."

PANO says about 100 officers will be impacted by the new rules.

New York and Los Angeles are just some of the other cities that require that police officers cover up any tattoos they have on their bodies.  The new rule takes effect August first in New Orleans.

The NOPD says it's about make the force look more professional.  Until now New Orleans Police officers could have tattoos showing as long as they weren't offensive.

There are other concerns from police organizations.  They include officers having to wear long sleeves in the heat and fears that it will hurt recruiting because so many people have tattoos.

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