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Posted: Saturday, 21 December 2013 9:20AM

Petition to put Phil Robertson back on 'Duck Dynasty'

An organization called "Faith Driven Consumer" has started an online drive, urging supporters of Phil Robertson to sign a petition demanding he be reinstated to Duck Dynasty by A&E. They are looking for signatures on the website "IStandWithPhil.com" to express citizen support for The Buck Commander.

"Because he's valuable to us and we want to be recognized as a part of the audience that would otherwise be excluded if Phil was fired," says founder Chris Stone.

Stone says Robertson should not have been suspended by the network for expressing his personal preference for heterosexual marriage. He says the beauty of the Duck Dynasty series is that it represents the true persona of the Robertson family, and their faith is a huge part of that.

"And, there are many, many people in America, even as just faith-driven consumers...they're 46 million people who share those world views and they want to be part of America's media rainbow of diversity."

Stone says, "what's the point of having a reality show if you take the reality out of it?"

He says they'll hand deliver the petitions to A&E starting Monday.

"Then, they will have the freedom to exercise through their own choice," Stone says. "After all, it's their network and they can air what they want. But, it gives them an opportunity to hear the voice (of the people) and choose. And we believe it's part of a free market."

The "I Stand With Phil Robertson" Facebook page has more than 1-million "likes" and well over 300,000 signatures.

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