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Obama, Bush. Fool Me ONCE...Fool me TWICE...!

Yep, I admit it, I voted for President Obama.  I still think he seems like a decent and intelligent man, but when I was voting I was voting for change.  Now, into the fourth year of his term, this is NOT the change I envisioned. 

(Click the links below from my research to read more about the “change” since 2008:)

* Lowest U.S. consumer confidence in 30 years

* America’s credit rating downgraded for the first time in American history.

*Chronic unemployment worse than the great depression.

*Federal spending, the budget deficit and our national debt are all at the highest level as a percentage of GDP since WWII.

*46 million now living in poverty. The most on record since the census began tracking poverty in 1959.

*Highest black unemployment in 28 years.

*Worst jobs record of any modern president.

*Worst housing crisis since the great depression.

*U.S. Misery Index at 28-year high. 

*Under President Obama U.S. poverty rate swells to 1 in 6.

*Record number of Americans now rely on food stamps.

*Rate of economic growth under President Obama only slightly higher than the 1930’s, the decade of the Great Depression

And, I could go on and on and on...

Yep, I admit it, I voted for President Bush. 

I still think he seems like a decent man, but when I voted, I was voting for change.  This is NOT the change I envisioned:

*President Bush promised to reduce the number of uninsured Americans before he took office.  Two years into his presidency the number increase by nearly 4 million.

*Promised to ensure that the federal government will comply with all laws.   For 3 years the Department of Defense requested that Congress exempt it from environmental laws.

*Promised to give states $1 billion over 5 years to help keep (or return) children in their homes whenever safely possible.  Instead when in office President Bush told states to use currently earmarked  money for foster care and required states to accept a spending cap of  the amount of foster care states could provide.  

*Promised energy assistance for low income families.  The promise was $155 million.  He later cut the energy program by $300 million, despite higher unemployment and a colder winter.

*Promised to restore confidence in the judicial nomination process.  Fought a nomination to the Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals and charged Democrats  with an anti-Catholic bias.

*Promised he would attack pork-barrel spending.  As of late 2004, he had not vetoed a single bill, despite enormous amount of pork.

*Promised that, “by far the vast majority of my tax cuts will go to the bottom end of the spectrum”.  The top 20% of earners received 69.8% of President Bush’s tax cuts.  Those in the bottom quintile of earners received an average tax cut of $27.

*Promised to pay down the debt to a “historically low level.”  In 2003 the national debt stood at over $7 trillion, a record high.  In 2004, $445 billion was added. Two wars were added  without paying for them. 

*Promised to “lock away a Social Security surplus.”  In 2002 alone, the first fiscal year of his presidency Mr. Bush spent $159 billion of the Social Security Trust Fund surplus 

And, I could go on and on and on...

So, here are my first questions:  How can we vote for either party?  Who is it you believe and trust and more importantly...why?  Who is it that has delivered on their promise of change?  What is it about the (above) history that assures you of a different future?  How can you believe in two clubs, who after the past 10 plus years have proven not to be able to deliver on major promises?

Here’s my second rant.  Why is a vote for a third party candidate a wasted vote?  I didn’t know it was a horse race.  Should we vote on just assured winners?  How do you do that?  If you vote on a “place” horse, did you waste your vote?  Is a vote not just a declaration of beliefs?

And, third...in the “red south” there is an often repeated determination not to compromise.  No compromise means continued gridlock. Now follow me closely here…if red states want smaller government... What better way to keep government from growing than gridlock.  If you votes for a third party at least the message goes out to the two major parties that we are not stupid, nor can we be counted upon to act as sheep.  We see there is little or no difference in the two clubs, other than rhetoric and “dead-eye” dogma.  So, a third-party vote could simply be a statement of protest and at the same time assures that the status quo remains.  Status quo assures gridlock and therefore a less active and growing government, which is what we say we want. 

Yep, I admit I voted for them both, Obama & Bush.  But, fool me once, fool me twice…no-no-no not a third time!

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01/11/2012 10:58AM
Obama, Bush. Fool Me ONCE...Fool me TWICE...!
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01/11/2012 3:15PM
M Favre
They're all alike.All politicians want the same thing:total control over the people and enriching themselves.So,who do we vote for? I vote to change the entire way our government operates,but that will never happen.We need less government,not more.
01/11/2012 3:17PM
The answer is simple
A vote for a third party is a vote for Obama. The reality is that a third party candidate cannot win. This administration has been the most devisive, the most liberal and most out of touch, aloof administration since the Carter years. I don't particularly like the front-runners in the Republican field so I am voting for the lesser of two evils. We must evict Obama before he changes this nation into a big-government European style socialist state. And look where that has gotten the Europeans. If Obama gets 4 more years, I weep for our future. I believe in American exceptionalism. Obama does not. His belief system is far removed from mine. I'd vote for Edwin Edwards against Obama. At least with him, you know what you have.
01/11/2012 3:19PM
So are you going to foolishly vote again?
Do you really think your vote matters? Fool me once Fool me twice so are you going to let them fool oops I mean lie to you again? Sure you are. You will go vote for the guy who says what you want to hear not the reality of the situation. The president has no sayso. Hasn't everyone gotten that through their heads yet?
01/11/2012 3:27PM
obama, bush. fool me once... fool me twice...!
you robinetee are silly for voting for a liberal who promised to fundamentally transform america. what in tarnation did you think he meant. you're pretty naive for a grown man!
01/11/2012 3:29PM
Are you kidding??
You really voted for the man, Obama, in 2008?? Honestly I'm shocked. Yes I agree he said all kind of warm and fuzzy stuff, but there was ABSOLUTELY no substance behind those words, and worse his voting record in Illinois and the US Senate, when he took a position, was almost 180 degrees opposite his campaign rhetoric. I have to say I really am stunned you were taken in.
01/11/2012 3:31PM
Your column
Your editorial here will get your listeners to vote for folks who advocate policies that will extenuate the problems you list. The president took over a country that was in a mess of a condition and blaming him for the chickens that have come home to roost is very short sighted.
01/11/2012 3:32PM
Go against the mainstream
Sadly in this republic or democracy it had been made very difficult for a third party candidate not only to get on ballots but they are rarely invited to any debates and get no coverage. I've come to the conclusion that the best course of action is to vote for the candidate they keep telling me has no chance, Ron Paul. He seems consistant and is not making promises that can't be kept. The Government can't create jobs unless they take the money for the people who still are working. The government needs to stop spending especially overseas, how can you cut stuff here and keep that nonsense going.
01/11/2012 3:33PM
Ken Roques
Ron Paul is the only candidate that is different. For 20 years he has been saying the same stuff. Warning us of our dangerous ways. Ron Paul 2012
01/11/2012 3:34PM
Real Change
I think the only candidate even discussing real change is Ron Paul. All others only mention cutting a few bucks here and there. Ultimately, because of our current situation, drastic change must take place. I too am disappointed in Obama. He is a smart man, but I think congress has made an incredible effort to shut him down since day one. It makes me wonder if anyone these days can be elected and make a difference. It seems most politicians just play the my-team-your-team games and put politics above the country's needs.
01/11/2012 3:37PM
Not very promissing
The president sets the tone for policy. This one stinks. I know who I'm "not" going to vote for. Government cant change until you take the money out of it. Follow Obama's money trail. Shocking.
01/11/2012 3:38PM
The reality of a third party vote is that you will re-elect the sitting President. Unless there is a clear mandate from at least 40% of the electorate that a third party is wanted, there is no mathematical chance that a third party candidate can win. We are a closely divided country ideologically. A lean by just a few percentage points against the Republican candidate will assure the re-election of Mr. Obama. Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me. If I know this mathematical conclusion in advance, and I waste my vote on a third party protest, Mr. Obama is in for another 4 years. The shame is then REALLY on me.
01/11/2012 3:39PM
If the candidates knew the future.
Your concept is ridiculous: Did Bush know that 9/11 would happen? Didn't that change everything? Of course it did. Did Obama know Bush ran the war off the books, and that mortgages and banks and Wall Street itself would teeter on the brink of collapse requiring massive infusions of cash. Of course not. Don't be silly to say the promises must be kept. More important world events change the situation totally, for both presidents. Don't ask foolish consistency when much more important crises intervene, outside any President's control. Deal with reality. Did Obama say he'd get troupes out of Iraq. Yes. Did he do it. Yes. Did he say he'd reform health care. Yes. Deal with what can be done, not with fanciful hopes and dreams. It would be like asking the Mayor to hold to his promises--and then Katrina comes along.
01/11/2012 3:43PM
Arrest Obama
Garland, Would never have guessed in a million that you voted for the usurper-in-chief. The nobody from nowhere Manchurian Candidate that sealed his records and refuses to provide so much as a college transcript. He and all appointed czars and judges daily undermine our constitution and the will of people. He has to go long befor November 2012, because that too much time for him to do more damage. What about NDAA, TSA, FEMA camps and terrorists training camps on American soil. Hard to ignore this stuff when you know what he's REALLY up to. Please inform your listeners, because you know as well as I do that the mainstream media is liberal progressive owned and all about our demise.
01/11/2012 3:43PM
About time!
Garland, Glad you finally realized what Obama is and always was........too bad you didn't figure this out before the last election! I just don't understand how anyone who has run a business like you have could vote for this man......it doesn't matter how smart and nice he seems to be. He could have been a great president if he would work toward bettering America instead of working to tear it down.....it's a shame. Glad to see you will make a better vote this time. All the best to you Garland!
01/11/2012 3:58PM
The real truth
Garland, lets be honest you would vote for him again if Obama organized one of those "interest free loans" you are accustomed to receiving....
01/11/2012 4:05PM
Vote to keep out of office
I have spoken to many people recently. No one is thrilled with either party so most people are voting to keep the other person out of office. This is a really sad time for our nation.
01/11/2012 4:09PM
I'd vote for an imbecile before voting for Obama- oh wait a minute- that would be like voting for Obama!! Anyway, I'll take my chance with a new zero instead of the same old thing in obama
01/11/2012 4:11PM
Ron Paul 2012! Before it's too late.
Ron Paul is our last hope! America is bankrupt, our dollar is crumbling, the federal reserve has the printing presses working day and night. We have to wake up and realize that if we do not cut spending now that we are doomed. No other candidate as proposed any real cuts, they want more spending overseas, they want to continue to expand the size of government and our military interventionism around the world. We have to stop the insanity, if so the cost will be great than most of us can imagine.
01/11/2012 4:17PM
The problem is the media and YES RADIO is MEDIA
If media and RADIO doesn't interview and review third party people the lazy vote will never hear for a third part canadate. So do your job and find and interview third party people!
01/11/2012 4:23PM
Do you really believe Congress has not gotten the voters' message?
You make a valid case that government, both at the executive and legislative branches, is not coming together to solve the country's pressing problems. The underlying reason this seems to be true is politicians primarily act if such action improves their chance of getting elected, or reelected. The political system corrupts most politicians to do what is in their own political self-interest, regardless of what is best for the country. If that be the case, the best solution to the problem is to change the system. Attempting to accomplish a congressional limited-terms constitutional amendment would be a better use of your time than is your attempt to "send a message" by voting for a third party presidential candidate. Do you really believe that Congress does not hear the voters' message that Congress should work together to solve the country's problems? Consider putting your clout behind such a constitutional amendment effort, rather than writing it off as too difficult. What about start by throwing into the Think Tank the idea of forming a PAC for the purpose of supporting congressional candidates who pledge to bring a constitutional amendment to the public for a vote?
01/11/2012 4:26PM
impossible solution
Ron Paul is off the deep end on some things but if you think about it and what he says, it starts to make sense BUT your vote DOSENT count cause of the stupid electorial vote which puts only a handful of America to elect the pres. So get ready, Romney will be pres in 2012 since he is perfered by the media and the media once again will get the Republican that they want!
01/11/2012 4:26PM
vote third party and obama will be next "change and hope" candidate
a vote for ron paul is a vote for obama. if you dont like either party and will vote for neither if you do vote dont waste your time, just pull the obama lever---if the third party candidate gets more than ten percent of the vote i will bet you a steak at mortons or ruth's chris, obama is reelected.
01/11/2012 4:38PM
Don't eat what they're feeding you.
The politicians divide us and put us on teams so we'll fight against each other and not the real enemy-The Politicians! And the sheep eat it up and will defend their team no matter how horrible they are. Libetarians are the only hope for all. Ron Paul is the only one that will actually change this government. Both parties are scared to death of him because he will take away their power and give it to the rightful owners- THE PEOPLE!
01/11/2012 4:54PM
if you dont like our political system you can move to zimbabwe or syriah.
most people who rail against the political system dont realize it currently is the best system in the world. it can be improved on but if the ron paul people think he is the panacea they are truly being misguided. ron paul will be a laughing stock to the world but obama will then be the next lame duck president because of the third party senario causing the dems to elect their president. obama a lame duck will be a complete disaster and the u.s. will be on the brink of default as a nation if that happens.
01/11/2012 4:55PM
You actually voted for that moron in '08. Well baby you got your change...Howze that workin' out for you ???
01/11/2012 5:15PM
Have you people listened to yourselves?
Have you listened to yourselves? You chastise those who voted for Obama, well I'm guessing you were a McCain supported right? Maybe you should look up the National Defense Authorization Act before you call anyone usurpers. Why is a third party vote a wasted vote? It is because you allow it to be. People vote for poo, maybe less steaming poo but poo none the less. I couldn't agree with Garland enough, you who don't want to "waste your vote" are to blame. Wake up. The government will never right itself. Stop playing the party games. I hear this garbage every election cycle and it's going to get worse, as it has, because you play their game. You want change, don't vote for some idiot talking about it, make it happen. George Washington warned us about political parties and large debt in his farewell address, but I can't see any correlation .
01/11/2012 5:16PM
Have you people listened to yourselves?
Have you listened to yourselves? You chastise those who voted for Obama, well I'm guessing you were a McCain supported right? Maybe you should look up the National Defense Authorization Act before you call anyone usurpers. Why is a third party vote a wasted vote? It is because you allow it to be. People vote for poo, maybe less steaming poo but none the less. I couldn't agree with Garland enough, you who don't want to "waste your vote" are to blame. Wake up. The government will never right itself. Stop playing the party games. I hear this garbage every election cycle and it's going to get worse, as it has, because you play their game. You want change, don't vote for some idiot talking about it, make it happen. George Washington warned us about political parties and large debt in his farewell address, but I can't see any correlation .
01/11/2012 5:24PM
Becareful what you vote for, you may get something you didn't expect.
I along with millions of other Americans I voted for Ross Perot as a protest vote against then President Bush 41 because he broke his promise "Read my lips. No new taxes." And look who we got - Bill Clinton. I learned my lesson. I would rather vote for someone than against someone.
01/11/2012 5:42PM
If only America understood the truth
There is only one GOP candidate who can beat Obama, and that is the candidate who draws 25% of the minority vote and 49% of the independents. The only candidate who actually offers genuine changes which benefit Americans. ALL the others are status quo corporatist who are seeking power. The one candidate who refuses to take his government pension, the one who gives back part of his salary and is in the race to save our country. Only Ron Paul can help us now.
01/11/2012 5:44PM
Third party?
So who are you going to vote for? If I get the chance I'm voting for Ron Paul--he's the ONLY candidate that makes ANY sense!
01/11/2012 5:49PM
Conversational Hypnosis !!!!
Developed by Milton Eihnhart in 1924 and used by Adolph Hitler in 1928 and Barry Soreto Obama in 2008...This is the most important election in the history of this country!!! Please vote for the Constitution......RON PAUL
01/11/2012 6:04PM
What other CHOICE is there??
I voted for him ONCE and WILL vote for him TWICE, all b/c there is no one else EDUCATED and CAPABLE enough to fill those shoes to represent the UNITED STATES.. Get real folks, no PRESIDENT will ever please ALL OF THE PEOPLE, NOT even some of the TIME.. If only some folks STOP trying to find fault and start realizing and analyzing some of the things that was in AMERICA'S favor they all might not have all that STRESS on their HEARTS......
01/11/2012 6:09PM
The Puppet Masters
Obama is controlled by THE ILLUMINATTI, THE BILDERBURGERS, AND THEIR COHORTS.... also controlled are Romney ,Perry ,Gingrich ,Huntsmen as well 2008 McCain. LOOK AT THEIR SUPPORTERS...
01/11/2012 6:15PM
Any one who thinks that this economic situation was cause by only Obama and Bush and that it can be fix in 3 or 4 years is incredibly delusional.
01/11/2012 6:17PM
Please Read
The Overlords of Chaos The 1984 Audit of the IRS by Ronald Reagan The Creature from Jackel Island The Act of 1871
01/11/2012 6:30PM
The DEVIL'S Minnions
The Progressive Movement in both parties making all results for THE PAST 100 YEARS brings to fruition the enslavement of all Americans....
01/11/2012 6:39PM
Republican Blockage
The reason for the slow change is because the Republicans don't want it and blocked anything Obama tried to change. Yes, he's the president, but presidents have only so mush they can do without the support of congress and the senate. That's where the problem is. What are they doing accept stalling our progress, blaming it on Obama and making you think they can fix the mess they made in the first place. I hope you don't think change is gonna come with Obama out of office. Wake up people! The only change is going to be change for the worst first. Don't be a fool anymore! Stick to the plan and support it.
01/11/2012 6:51PM
Trust me a Third Party in charge is going to result in what we been having for centuries,,, they will not be able to say no to the MONEY. No matter what they say out of their mouths the American peoples wont endure the pains of change.
01/11/2012 6:52PM
really, now?
well, mr robinette, considering your own ethics difficulties, i hardly think your opinion is one i should even consider, much less attach any merit at all to.
01/11/2012 7:01PM
Or u willing to re-elect Obama? Because that is exactly what u would be doing by voting for a third party candidate "just to send a message".
01/11/2012 7:30PM
There will be NO THIRD PARTY
Obama is the worst person to ever to be president. The RON PAUL MOVREMENT in the Republican Party must be successful because the AMERICAN IDEAL IS DYING IT WILL BE CREMATED is this imposter is re-elected,,,
01/11/2012 7:38PM
God Be With Us ALL
Here's where I stand. We all need to help one another, like it or not! Yes things aren't looking the way we hoped they would by now with Obama 3 yrs. into his term as President. We do need change somewhere and maybe all around. But I ask you this question. How's change going to happen here in the USA when each time Obama has tried to fix a problem another problem erupts or worsens. Congress is to blame for allowing Bush to get away with sending thousands of our U.S. Service troops into Irac to be killed for Oil rights. Instead Bush should have been focused on using special force teams to find Osama Bin Laudin as did President Obama. Bush was not in it for the U.S.A. as a whole but in it for pride & greed or maybe he was a puppet for someone else to profit and in-turn has allowed this country to become in worse shape in which we all are living with today. The time has come to stop the greed and become one great country that we all can believe in. May God be with us all to make this kind of change possible...Amen
01/11/2012 8:10PM
The economic situaton
The debt is illegitimate, illegal, immoral and down right impossible to ever pay back with this fiat, perpetual debt system. Start with the FED and end it. All other dominoes fall from there. Ron Paul is the only candidate with a real plan. I'm not sure if he can do everything he says in 4 years but he can put us on the road to recovery. Strengthen national defense, while cutting out the profit margins of the military industrial complex, who I might add are all subsidiaries of companies and individuals that own stock in the Federal Reserve. If Ron Paul runs third party, he gets Independent votes and disenfranchised Democrats and Republicans and has a true chance of beating Obama and Romney. Just hope we don't go to war with Iran or history shows Obama doesn't lose while we're at war.
01/11/2012 8:14PM
There is no difference as all of the above are members of the most insideous NWO, CFR, BILDERBURGERS, ILLUMINATTI, PROGRESSIVE POLITICAL MOVEMENT... obama could move the nation toward Communism at a faster rate thus all normal vetting of candidates was not done to him . IF A BACKGROUND CHECK WERE PERFORMED ON HIM ( HE WOULD HAVE PROSCECUTED FOR FRAUD)
01/11/2012 9:31PM
Mr. Robinette, Are you and your fellow media peers scared of the government. Why aren't you doing your best to get that third party elected. I think you are scared, afraid of the Republicans and Democrats. Expose the two criminal parties. Help us get our country back.
01/12/2012 7:54AM
Changed your mind ehh??
When you consider who was running against Bush, you made the right choice. And you should be smart enough to realize that Congress is one of the reasons alot of those promises were not fulfilled. While you were mesmerized by the Hope and Change mantra you apparently didn't check into Obamas lack of experience or his stated positions on matters that matter to us most. Granted McCain was not the best candidate but he would have been better than the man in the White House. Hopefully, people will wake up and purge Congress of entrenched poiticians!
01/12/2012 8:26AM
The more things change...
Until we get the special interest money out of politics and (I can't believe I'm advocating this)impose term limits nothing will change. PLEASE WATCH RECENT JACK ABRAMHOFF INTERVIEW ON CSPAN.
01/12/2012 8:51AM
Third party is not the answer
Garland, I like, understand and agree with almoat everything you wrote. Where we part ways is in the 3rd party. The effect of a 3rd party dilutes the voting for one of the parties and the other wins more by default. Here is my suggestion. In every election, have a separate choice which is "None of the Above". Ifthat choice wins, then all candidates who were on the ballot may not run again. A whole new list of candidates must qualify. I believe that we are so fed up with all of the politics that we could null out the career politicians and have knowledgable everyday people in offices where we could get a fair shake.
01/12/2012 8:57AM
Fool Me Once Refers To Something Else Too
Funny but Garland I don't listen to you anymore. I'm not going to be fooled twice by someone who is as much of a part of the corrupt system as those he eviscerates.
01/12/2012 9:47AM
Let come together
Let me say you need the entire government to work together since day one there hasn't been any respect for the president. Why is that maybe the country is not ready for a man such as Obama. Let face it call it what it is.
01/12/2012 11:08AM
The eatablishment vote
The only person running, who is not establishment, no matter what ticket he's on is Ron Paul. All others are in the pockets of big wall street banks who in turn are in bed with the military industrial complex and the federal reserve. Congress also partakes in the shark frenzied pig trough feeding of special interest monies from these same corporations and banks. Ron Paul would go to the American people and tell them he can not get things done because their elected representatives are bought and paid for and then ask the American people what they want to do about it. Ron Paul understands the Constitution and the peoples role in government. And while we don't live in a true democracy where the will of the many can take away the rights of the few, we are not truly being represented either. Its time for a change, back to the government our founding fathers envisioned, back to the rights of man that civil leaders Dr King and Malcolm X understood when they read the Constitution and its time to restore the power to the people. Our Constitution doesn't grant us any rights. It tells the federal government what fights they meed to be protecting and what rights they can't infringe upon. So a vote for Ron Paul or a third party candidate is not a wasted vote. Its a message. A message that's growing louder and clearer with every passing election. If the people don't do their homework they are going to get exactly what they deserve. More of the same.
01/12/2012 11:40AM
obama is at fault for failures during his presidency
those people who say a president can't always get what he wants because of congress voting againt him must have been in a coma the first two years of obama's presidency. he had a super majority and what he couldnt pass was his fault. read the constitution, please, before you vote again.
01/12/2012 12:38PM
The only way we can judge a President's Administration and effectiveness is when he has a Congress willing to support him, as we did with Bush. We can truly say Bush's Presidency was a complete failure and one of the worst in the history of the country. He got everything he wanted. I am very disappointed to hear your rant against the President when we've given him a congress that would jeopardize the welfare of their fellow Americans to regain power. Give President Obama the tools he needs to work with and judge him accordingly.The problem is the change in 2008 didn't last long enough. In 2010 we returned to a Republican and Blue Dog Democratic Congress that has caused the gridlock thus denying the American people the change we hoped for in electing President Obama.
01/12/2012 1:49PM
Get Real Garland
There is not a single thing on that list that you can accurately put on Obama and his administration. Not one reasonable person, including Obama, thought he could take care of the economic problems that we faced in four years. Think back to that day that he took office and the unbelievable hill WE had to climb. We are clearly turning the corner if you look at the most recent job and manufacturing numbers. Notice that raising taxes on middle class is nowhere on your list. Garland, you should be ashamed of yourself. Stop being a populist. You are a reasonable person so you should be well aware of how long this is going to take. The recent positive job numbers were completely unexpected by "economists". Moderate change is the only realistic approach and that is President Obama's way. Our issues have everything to do with the repeal of Glass Steagall and the adoption of Citizen United. How can we take away the safety of our deposits and then put ultimate political power in the hands of those who benefited from it? Please don't send us into the dark ages with the potential republican candidates. Socially and economically. Our issues have everything to do with the repeal of Glass Steagall and the adoption of Citizen United. 4 More Years!
01/12/2012 1:56PM
All of a sudden the same idiot republicans who have failed so miserably are now Libertarians? Hilarious. You should find a little island and have a big Tea Party.
01/12/2012 7:20PM
"All of a sudden the same idiot republicans who have failed so miserably are now Libertarians? Hilarious. You should find a little island and have a big Tea Party." Hilarious? The jokes on you. Have you seen Ron Pail's following? It's mostly the youth of America, the same youth that wouldn't have been seen dead at a Republican rally and now they are treating a 76 year old dude as a rockstar. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kd1K3nwhtAg&NR=1&feature=endscreen http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z3s1d4wWGig&NR=1&feature=endscreen
01/12/2012 7:53PM
I agree with you Garland
But, until the lobbyist are chased from Washington with whips all of the parties will be the same.
01/12/2012 11:23PM
Increase voter turnout...
Just demand that all voters have the option (on the ballot) to place a "vote of no confidence". This way every one can vote "freely" to express their true disgust at whomever might be the alternative choice ( the lesser of two evils) for which that sad (but true) pitiful option will be eliminated. Any candidate failing to win a majority would therefore be eliminated from consideration. It might be added; such a voting option could eliminate all candidates from consideration. Imagine "super tuesday" whereby the American people declare by a great majority that all of the party choices "suck". Time to go back and find a true honest candidate!
01/13/2012 10:20AM
I previously believed in you too Garland
Just as you previously believed in President Obama I previously believed in you. I still think you are one of the smartest and most articulate broadcasters in the area but your ethical lapse which I still have hard a cogent explanation causes me to takemost of your stances as diatribes with no credibility. As smart as you are you know that with partisan politics rampant in congress it is virtually impossible for one man to implement significant change.
01/13/2012 11:04AM
Stink Tank
Anyone who voted for Obama is too much of a sucker to be taken seriously.
01/13/2012 12:36PM
It's a shame the above comment is the sentiment of too many people.
I too voted for Bush then Obama....but Obama was never given a chance. Obama inherited all of Bush's problems...Then was blocked by Republicans in everything he tried to do....I really don't know who I'm going to vote for, but it won't be the Republicans.
01/15/2012 9:33AM
mr kenner
i don't vote on parties i vote on the person i think can run this country the best for the everyone.also voting for third party candidates is a vote for the republican candidate because republicans only vote for them selves not the best person for the job. thanks garland love the show.
01/15/2012 1:42PM
I can tell by the comments that our views remain affixed to our party. When we act differently as the mass, demand differently from our representatives, then change will come. Start with the people who you sent to talk for you. Stop accepting their foolishness before you critize the next person. We are all responsible for this mess.
01/16/2012 10:39AM
what's a shame is the lies you believe!
Hussein Obama had a Democrap Senate, a Democrap House and he never had a chance??!!!! Blocked by Republicans??!! yep, i DO believe you voted for the Communist Hussein Obama, no doubt about it, you will believe ANYTHING any liar will tell you! keep drinking that koolaid and cashing them SSI checks.
01/16/2012 11:53AM
I voted for Obama once and I'll do it again. He's doing a fine job. The economy is getting stronger and jobs are coming back. Considering what he stepped into, 8 years of b.s., I don't know that anyone could have done better. I didn't vote for Bush but I did vote for Reagan. I vote for whoever I think is best for our country at the time. Obama now just need to get the 2 sides to compromise, and that's all politics is,and our country will be fine.
01/17/2012 10:24AM
Ron Paul
Ron Paul 2012
01/25/2012 2:22PM
The National Defense Authorization Act
Garland, please dedicate a show to this subject. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/alton-lu/the-national-defense-auth_b_1180869.html Ron Paul submitting a bill on Jan 18 2012 to try to repeal the bad parts. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tg69QM1yXQQ
02/06/2012 5:18PM
Democratic Process?
No president has ever fulfilled his campaign promises because He never had the power to make those promises in the first place. If you believe that our presidents are elected by a fair and impartial democratic process rather than by cleverly manufactured public opinion, how has that belief worked out for you in the past? And while you are at it, you may want to examine your other beliefs and see how they have worked out for you as well. We are what we believe ourselves to be and our world is the result of our consensus beliefs. Our world is our consensus reality and we have no one to blame for this, only our own inability to see ourselves as we truly are. Defend yourself and blame others... How has this worked out for you in the past?
08/03/2012 12:12AM
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