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Posted: Monday, 30 June 2014 7:52AM

New study into why a woman may cheat on her man

There's a new study published in Contemporary Family Therapy that suggests we now have an inside look into why married women cheat. 

The reasons according to experts are: lack of quality time, the inability to resolve conflict, and lack of attention. 

New Orleans clinical licensed social worker Debra Namias agrees with the new study and says cheating in usually not impulsive for women. 

"It's a situation that occurs over time versus something that happens in an impulsive or immediate manner," said Namias.    

She says none of the 3 reasons are more or less important than the others saying they all lend themselves to a buildup of the 3 Rs. 

"Resentment,  regret, and remorse... and depending on the coping skills of the specific person, and how they manage their  lives when they are under stress, that's going to determine what is going to be most important for that particular woman,"  added Namias. 

Namias goes on to explain the 3 reasons why a woman may cheat on her spouse. 

"Men work, and men provide, and there's a tendency to get lost in that,"  said Namias.  "Women are in need of attention and again the acknowledgment, the affirmation," added Namias.  "On both sides people tend to fall short with learning how to listen to each other rather than getting each other to hear their point of view,"  Namias noted.  "That goes right in to the attention.  We're all looking for the connection."

Of course, every marriage is different, but the authors of the study note that these specific insights into cheating could help people and professionals identify early warning signs and work toward repairing them.  

Bottom line - the research finds -  a man who wants his wife to be faithful should spend quality time with his spouse, don't let disagreements continue, and pay attention to his wife.

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