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Posted: Friday, 24 January 2014 2:29PM

New details on the Sharper rape allegtion

New Orleans Police today released more details on the rape allegations against former Saints player Darren Sharper.

In the report a 25-year-old woman claims that Sharper took her back to his apartment in the warehouse district where he sexually assaulted her. She says did not consent to having sex. She also admitted to drinking on that night, September 23, consuming a large amount of alcohol.

The case is now in the hands of the New Orleans District Attorney for prosecution. Legal analyst Tim Meche says it's tough going.

''These types of cases are probably the hardest decisions prosecutors have to make, it comes down to he said, she said,'' said Meche.

Listen to legal analyst Tim Meche:

Meche says no doubt the admission of heavy drinking by the victim will have an impact but so will the rape allegations against Sharper in Los Angeles.

''Clearly there was an encounter, whether or not it was consensual or not will depend upon each persons version,'' Meche said.

Sharper hasn't said a word about any of this. He is facing two other rape complaints in Los Angeles and remains free on bond with a court appearance coming up on February 14.


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