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Posted: Friday, 27 December 2013 4:40AM

New Orleans ranks #1 in in-migration for 'Prime Workers'

According to a recent analysis from Forbes Magazine, titled 'Where Working Age Americans are Moving,' Greater New Orleans is #1 in the USA for in-migration of 'Workers in Their Prime.'

So who are these workers?

"Specifically, that age group was meant to be 30 through 49, the age group for 'Workers in Their Prime'," says Michael Hecht, President & CEO of Greater New Orleans, Inc.

He says that, over the past five years, the metro area has seen a more than 19 percent growth in that age group.

"This is great news for us, particularly as we begin to have a workforce pinch, as all this corporate demand keeps growing."

Hecht says this area is about to enter a period of unprecedented growth across a number of industries -- industrial, technical and medical. "And, it's very good news that we're leading the nation in in-migration, because we're going to need those workers for the new business as well as our existing businesses."

According to Forbes, Greater New Orleans is also #1 for in-migration of 'Mature Adults', aged 50-64 and #9 for 'Youth Workers', aged 20-34.

"Those facts mean that not only are the companies coming here, but the workers are coming here to help run these companies," says Hecht.

He says the gains are related, at least in part, to the return of folks who fled after Katrina, but it also reflects a newfound demographic vitality backed by substantial economic improvements.

Click here to read the entire report here.

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