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Posted: Tuesday, 31 December 2013 7:49AM

New Orleans presents a 'Symphony In The Sky' to welcome 2014

Once again, New Orleans will welcome the new year with a spectacular display of pyrotechnics over the Mississippi River.

The Crescent City Countdown Club has another huge celebration planned to welcome in the new year.

"It's going to be, of course, our midnight fireworks," says coordinator Debbie Bresler. "But, we start backing up to that, because we've got great music on the Decatur Street stage, right in front of Jackson Square."

From 9 to 10 o'clock, Eric Lidell will be playing. From 10:30 to 11:45 it's the Honey Island Swamp Band.

"And, at 11:45, we'll start getting ready for our big midnight countdown and the fleur-de-lis drop on top of Jax."

Just before midnight, all eyes will turn to the roof of Jax Brewery, where an 8-foot-tall fleur-de-lis will drop, to light up 2014.

Then, it's the 'Symphony in the Sky' over the Mississippi River, consistently ranked one of the best fireworks shows in the nation.

Bresler says the fireworks will be easily visible, on both the Eastbank and the Westbank.

"From both sides of the river, from the French Market to the Riverwalk, you'll be able to see the barge position. It's right by Jackson Square, but you can definitely see the show from both sides of the river. Huge shells...it's going to be about a 12 to 13 minute show...absolutely beautiful." 

The whole show will be simulcast to great patriotic music, on WWL and on Magic, 101.9.

"It's so powerful," says Bresler. "And, a great way to usher in 2014." 

The fireworks will include a salute to the visiting Sugar Bowl teams, Alabama and Oklahoma, with their colors exploding in the sky.

"And then, of course, the finale is going to be 'You gotta come to Mardi Gras,' with purple, green and gold fireworks firing in the sky to remind people they gotta come back."

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