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Posted: Friday, 17 January 2014 3:05PM

New Orleans early voting gets underway

New Orleans voters can start voting for Mayor, City Council, Sheriff and the rest of the ballot starting Saturday January 18th, 2014. 

Early voting is Jan. 18-25, 2014 (except Sunday) from 8:30 a.m. to 6 p.m. 


1300 Perdido St.
Room 1W23
New Orleans, LA 70112

225 Morgan St., Room 105
New Orleans, LA 70114

Voting Machine Warehouse*
8870 Chef Menteur Highway
New Orleans, LA 70127

Regional Transportation Management Center*
10 Veterans Memorial Blvd.
New Orleans, LA 70124
(Saturdays Only)

Here's what's on the ballot:

Sheriff   (Select 1)
    Quentin R. Brown     #1     Other
    Charles C. Foti, Jr.    #2     Democrat
    Marlin N. Gusman     #3     Democrat
    Ira Thomas     #4         Democrat

Clerk Criminal District Court  (Select 1)
    Robbie Keen     #5     No Party
    Arthur A. Morrell     #6     Democrat

Clerk Civil District Court
    Dale Atkins             Democrat

    Erroll G. Williams        Democrat

Coroner   (Select 1)
    Vincent A. Culotta, Jr. #7    Democrat
    Dwight McKenna     #8     Democrat
    Jeffrey Rouse     #10     Democrat

Mayor City of New Orleans  (Select 1)
    Michael Bagneris     #11     Democrat
    Danatus N. King     #13     Democrat
    "Mitch" Landrieu     #14     Democrat

Councilmember at Large Division 1  (Select 1)
    Eugene Green     #15     Democrat
    Stacy Head         #16    Democrat

Councilmember at Large Division 2  (Select 1)
    Ernest "Freddie" Charbonnet     #17     Democrat
    Cynthia Hedge-Morrell     #18     Democrat
    Jason Williams     #19     Democrat

Councilmember District A  (Select 1)
    David A. Capasso     #20     Democrat
    Jason G. Coleman     #21     Democrat
    Stephen Gordon     #22     Other
    Susan G. Guidry     #23     Democrat
    "Drew" Ward     #25     Republican

Councilmember District B
    LaToya Cantrell        Democrat

Councilmember District C  (Select 1)
    Jacquelyn Brechtel Clarkson     #26     Democrat
    Lourdes F. Moran     #27     Democrat
    Nadine Ramsey     #28     Democrat
    Carlos Williams     #29     Democrat
    Eloise A. Williams     #30     Other

Councilmember District D  (Select 1)
    Joseph "Joe" Bouie     #31     Democrat
    Jared Brossett     #32     Democrat
    Dalton R. Savwoir, Jr.     #33     Democrat

Councilmember District E  (Select 1)
    James A. Gray, II     #34     Democrat
    Andre Kelly     #35     Other
    Cynthia Willard-Lewis     #36     Democrat


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