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Posted: Wednesday, 12 March 2014 8:22AM

NOPD wants surveillance camera owners to join together

Does your home or business have a video surveillance system? If so, the NOPD wants you to sign up for their new program.  Officials today are announcing "SafeCamNOLA," something they hope will be a useful new tool for crimefighting.

Developed with the help of the New Orleans Police and Justice Foundation, SafeCamNOLA allows home and business owners with surveillance systems to register them with police, in turn giving the department what they call "a centralized tool to track the location and contact information of registered cameras throughout the city."

Darlene Cusanza of Crimestoppers says this could be very helpful in investigations.

"The use of private surveillance has been a great tool," she said.  "I think it could be very useful in the future."

Cusanza says Crimestoppers has helped police get a hold of video that can either break a case wide open, or make a good case even stronger.

"It actually can help either start a case," she explained, "or...build and corroborate the information that law enforcement already has."

The NOPD and Justice Foundation say SafeCamNOLA will "expedite investigations and empower residents to partner with NOPD in the fight for a safer city." Details on how surveillance system owners will be able to register are coming later today.


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