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Moss to work out with Saints

Sources confirm the Saints will work out veteran wide receiver Randy Moss.  The 35 year old sat out of the 2011 season after playing with three teams in 2010.
It's interesting only because this move might be insurance in case the Saints can't re-sign Marques Colston.

I think the prospect of the Saints actually picking up Moss would be risky, but low risk.

He has a history not playing hard on every down and can be a bit of a locker room problem without the right pieces around him.

I think under the right contract for one year... it would be worth adding him to the team.

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03/05/2012 8:59PM
Moss to workout with Saints
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03/05/2012 10:23PM
please no
Moss is not a team player. He would start his crying and disrupt the offense. The saints do not need a cry baby
03/05/2012 11:30PM
No Moss; not with BountyGate.
How about the Saints play all their home games on the road this upcoming season. We can go on the road just like Katrina. If we make it to the playoffs, we can substitute our team for the whining Vikings, Cardinals, Colts, and even the Falcons. We can play some of the games with only 10 men on the field. The games can be played with the Saints having no time outs or challenges. The Saints can start every game spotting the other team 14 points. The Saints should not be allowed to rush the quarterback. To error on the side of safety, the Saints should only allow one player to tackle an opponent. The Saints should at all times help an opposing player up at the end of each play. If the other team knocks out a Saints" player with an illegal hit, the referee should ignore it. Maybe, the Saints should not even play the upcoming season and allow the Falcons to get eliminated in the first round once again.
03/06/2012 8:08AM
Please no Moss
This whole deal is becoming more and more insane. Franchise Tag on Brees instead of extended contract (just do it!), Bounty gate, now Moss. Really!!! Stop the insanity.
03/06/2012 12:00PM
Stand Up Defense?
Send a message during the Hall of Fame opener. When the Cardinals are kicked the ball, the Saints "Special Teams" should just let them score thus never needing our defense on the field!!!
03/06/2012 12:18PM
It could work with the Saints
One thing is for sure, if Moss plays for the Saints it will only be if Payton is satisfied that he will give the effort that he gave in New England. However, they have to try to keep Colston, I know it's a business but the guy has quietly gone about being one of the clutch receivers in the NFL. They should have signed Drew long term, wasted the franchise tag and also probably gives Breesus concern about the committment.
03/06/2012 1:38PM
Agree with "Please no Moss"
Getting an old receiver that has been nothing but problematic is EXACTLY what the Saints do not need. What we need is the following:1. Agree to terms and sign #9 to a 5 year deal.2. Keep Payton and Loomis from being suspended.3. Keep our defense from being suspended.4. Pay to keep Nicks and Colston.5. Continue to be the best offense in NFL.6. Continue to be one of the least penalized teams.7. Make BountyGate go away as quickly as it began.8. Get the season started and finish with a Super Bowl victory in our HOME DOME!!!!!!!!
03/06/2012 1:55PM
Who the hell keeps spiking the Cool-aid at Saints camp?
I'm not believing that the Saints brought this washed-up, problem child (Moss) in for a workout!!? This is not hte type of insurance you're wanting if Colston cannot be signed. Where has the integrity and having "quality individuals" in the locker room gone as it pertains to the Saints? How could upper management allow this ship to sink as it is currently?
03/06/2012 2:49PM
Randy wants more than anything is a ring he is a smart player he knows we are going to win it all this year and he wants to be part of it so he will do what he has to do to get back his skillset I think it will be a great pick up .
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