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Posted: Monday, 26 August 2013 9:03AM

More than a third of Louisiana residents don't use Internet

Census figures show that about thirty percent of Americans don't own a computer or smart phone with Internet access,and never get online.  That number is even higher in more rural states, including Louisiana.

"It's a damn shame, it does nothing but hurt the people of Louisiana," Public Service Commissioner Foster Campbell said.

Census Bureau information shows that nearly 34% of Louisiana residents do not use the Internet.

Campbell says part of the problem is that service is not available in the most rural parts of the state where providers don't want to make the investment.

"The money is not there and that's why we don't have all the connected spots we need, because it's not profitable," Campbell said.

The Census Bureau says Louisiana ranks as the 11th lowest percentage of residents using the World Wide Web.

Besides the lack of access, some residents choose to not use the Internet or can't afford it in areas where it is available.

At 41 percent, Mississippi has the nation's highest portion of residents who never get on the Internet.

Other states with lower Internet use than Louisiana include New Mexico, Arkansas, Kentucky, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, West Virginia, North Carolina and Hawaii.

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