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Posted: Monday, 23 December 2013 7:12AM

Minyard to quit race, endose deputy

There will be a new coroner in New Orleans for the first time more than a generation.  Dr. Frank Minyard tells WWL TV that he is dropping out of the race today.

Minyard has held that position for 40 years.

He did qualify to run for reelection, but so did his deputy coroner.  By qualifying, and then quitting 84-year-old Minyard seems to be giving Dr. Jeffrey Rouse a leg up to win the race.

"He's a good man with a good moral fiber... I think he'd be perfect for the position," Minyard said.

Rouse is a forensic psychiatrist.

Also running are Dr. Dwight McKenna and Dr. Vincent Culotta.

"I still love the job, but the position needs young blood, somebody who's computer literate," Minyard explained.

Minyard will stay in office until March 31st.

Minyard is also an off-hours amateur jazz musician whose campaign posters showed him playing trumpet in a lab coat.
Minyard's medical training is as an obstetrician-gynecologist. So is that of political newcomer Vincent Culotta Jr., one of three remaining candidates.
The others are Minyard's deputy, forensic psychiatrist Jeffrey Rouse, and Dwight McKenna, an internist, surgeon and former school board member who has challenged Minyard several times.
Minyard tells WWL-TV that he's endorsing Rouse.

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