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Posted: Friday, 26 April 2013 6:11AM

Men's underwear as an economic indicator? Shows things are looking up

What's the outlook for the economy?  A new study says look no further than sales of men's underwear.

When men start replacing their boxers and briefs, and loading up the sock drawer, things are looking up according to market researcher, the NPD Group recently in the Wall St. Journal.  And this year it looks like men are finally replacing the essentials.

Even here in New Orleans.

In a very unscientific poll we asked locals a few questions about their underwear and sock buying habits and found a few answers like this: "I think the economy is pathetic...and I'm wearing socks that are two years old right now." 

Another man, noticeably upbeat, told me "I just bought 20 pairs of underwear!"

Of course others point out it's not always an indicator, "I always have a lot of socks and underwear.  I don't like doing laundry."

"Another reason to be encouraged by renewed spending on boxers and briefs," the Wall St. Journal article points out is because "Personal confidence typically accompanies economic confidence."

Of course, when things get bad enough guys will, as another local man points out, "Going commando right now."

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