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Posted: Thursday, 19 September 2013 9:04AM

Meeting to discuss brain-eating amoeba in St. Bernard

For the past week, extra chlorine has been going into the St. Bernard Parish water system, to kill the so-called brain-eating amoeba found in the system.  With three more weeks to go, residents are finding different ways to deal with the scare.

One man told us his fiancée won't shower anymore, at least, not in the parish.

"My fiancée's scared to take a shower," he said.  "She tries to take a shower at her friends' house in Slidell or Covington, just in case."

And a woman echoed those concerns when she told WWL First News that until the system is declared clear, it's nothing but soaks in the tub for her.

"I haven't been taking showers since, so I'm taking baths," she said.

Another said he's being extra careful when he bathes his two small children: "Making sure they get no water up their noses.  I gave a bath to my little one in bottles water the other night."

Some have noticed the change in taste or odor in the water with the extra chlorine, but have also said that didn't last long.

After three more weeks of additional chlorination, health officials will test more samples to see if they were successful.

The St. Bernard Parish Water and Sewer Committee meets this evening at 5:30 at the council chamber in Chalmette to discuss it with the public.

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