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Posted: Monday, 24 March 2014 2:58PM

Mandeville sting finds few violators

Spring break is upon us and prom season isn't too far off, so law enforcement is on the lookout for merchants who might be lax about checking I-D of young people attempting to buy alcohol.

A recent operation in Mandeville had pretty good results, by the police department's standards -- meaning they found few lawbreakers.

"Of the 23 business that we went to, there were only two this go around that actually sold, which is good. Less is more, and that's what we like to see," said Lt. Gerald Sticker, spokesman for the Mandeville Police Department.  "The word has gotten out among the merchants and they know that we're coming."

Sticker says usually the businesses will check identification and turn the customer away, but every now and then a clerk won't check I-D at all, and sometimes, they'll look at an underage buyer's I-D and either not check the date of birth or just not care, and sell anyway.


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