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Posted: Monday, 04 August 2014 2:29PM

Louisiana's richest person

There's a new list showing the richest person in each state of the nation.  Little surprise that for Louisiana it's Tom Benson.   The Saints owner is reportedly worth $1.5 billion. The football team makes up a large chunk of that wealth.  

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Tulane business professor Mark Rosa says in general buying pro-sports teams have paid off well, but not always

''If it's tied up in the value of the team and the value folds so does that persons net worth, it's certainly happened before,'' said Rosa.

Listen to Tulane professor Mark Rosa:

Rosa says owning the Saints has been great for Benson and now that he also owns the Pelicans of the NBA, that could also pay off big.

In next door states, we see the plenty Walton wealth.  In Arkansas, it's Jim Walton worth $35 billion and in Texas, it's  Alice Walton also worth $35 billion.

Rosa notes, ''those numbers can change radically depending on where a persons wealth lies.''

Benson is beaten out in Mississippi by oilman Leslie Lampton at $2 billion.   The richest person in the USA remains Bill Gates at $80 billion.

This list is published by Movoto.com.

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