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Posted: Thursday, 05 June 2014 9:19AM

Louisiana prepares for self driving cars

Cars that drive themselves could be ready for public roadways soon, and one local lawmaker wants Louisiana to be ready.

"Technology moves fast," said New Orleans State Representative Walt Leger. "We wanted to make sure that we are thinking about it and considering the ramifications of it."

He proposed and got passed a resolution calling on the Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development to consider rules for the automated automobiles.

"We wanted them to look at it, begin to study it and report back to us," Leger explained. "There are prototypes of vehicles that are currently being designed... that will drive themselves."

The lawmaker says there are clear benefits and concerns associated with cars that drive themselves.

"This offers tremendous opportunities for improving road safety as well as helping those who can't drive themselves," according to Leger. "You'll be able to get in a vehicle, push a button, tell the car where you want to go, and it will take you there."

The resolution says that more than 90% of crashes are caused by driver error and self driving cars could reduce collisions, injuries and fatalities.

Google is planning to roll out a fleet of self driving cars as soon as this year.

Photo credit Roman Boed via flickr

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