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Posted: Monday, 18 August 2014 6:35AM

Louisiana launches new website for jobs

Louisiana Economic Development has created a new, free website to help meet recruitment needs of Louisiana employers, while also being a centralized hub for job seekers. 

Louisiana Job Connection will accelerate the job/applicant search process for both employers and potential employees. 

Click here to see the site...

Executive Director Kristi Williams says this is not your typical job board site.
"What this site does is it tells you automatically whether or not you are qualified for the jobs that are in the site."
LouisianaJobConnection-dot-com will automatically match job seekers with jobs for which they are most qualified.  Job seekers just need to fill out their information and the site will immediately notify you of available jobs that match your skill set.  Williams says if you have a page on the website LinkedIn, the process is even easier.
"You can make the LinkedIn data your data in the site so you don't have to re-enter information."
Williams says businesses have been posting their available positions on the website for the last few months.  She says they are excited about the website because they see its ease of use and recognize the benefit it can have to their businesses.  Williams says the site is not only free for job seekers, but to any business in the state, too.
"Anybody who pays taxes in the state of Louisiana as a business can put their information in." 

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