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Posted: Friday, 01 August 2014 6:16AM

Louisiana Sales Tax Holiday Weekend

Louisiana's sales tax holiday starts today.

For the next two days, customers will not have to pay the 4% sales tax on the first $2,500 of each item they buy. Louisiana Department of Revenue spokesman Byron Henderson says it only comes once a year.

"This is the annual sales tax holiday, that applies to most of what we call tangible person property," according to Henderson.
The tax exemption only applies to the state sales tax of 4%. Henderson says any other taxes will still apply.
"Sales tax exemption only applies to the 4% state sales tax, so any local sales taxes will still apply."
Not all items and services will be up for the tax holiday. Henderson says many bigger purchases and popular services are not on the list.
"What is not covered are vehicles subject to title, and meals prepared on the premises. There is also a list of other things."

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