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Posted: Tuesday, 14 January 2014 6:50AM

Legal pot in Louisiana?

Imagine if you could get a hold of marijuana in Louisiana as easily and legally as going to the corner drug store.  Louisiana lawmakers will soon debate the pros and cons of just such a system.

Would you believe a Louisiana doctor could prescribe you medicinal marijuana right now? Rep. Dalton Honoré (D-Baton Rouge) says the law doesn't prevent it.

"Well, by state law, it's already legal," said Honoré.  "A doctor could write you a prescription, I mean, but you can't go get it filled!"

Honoré says he's never been a pot-smoker, but he also says he's not ignoring studies that say marijuana use can benefits patients of over a hundred illnesses. Honoré also says polls show a slight majority of Louisianans believe there are benefits to be had from legal weed.

"It is an interesting topic that's being debated all over the country," he said.  "I'm looking for a good conversation and I think it needs to be openly discussed among legislators."

Members of the criminal justice committee will hash that out January 21.

(image from Louisiana State Police)

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