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Posted: Thursday, 13 February 2014 8:29AM

Nagin Lawyer: Allegations could overturn convictions and others

Could Nagin win an appeal?  Some in the local legal community are talking about a possible bombshell that could have a huge impact on a several prosecutions.

"It deals with the blogging and the U.S. Attorney's office," Legal Analyst Chick Foret explained.  "There are folks out there that think that issue is not dead, that there are others out there that were involved in the blogging.  We'll have to wait see if that information is true or not. They really think that it will make a difference, perhaps in cases. I am not of that opinion, but that may be all they have to latch on to."

Nagin's attorney says there could be "nuclear bombs" that would not only overturn the Nagin case and others, but would also lead to some people from the U.S. Attorney's office facing serious charges.

"If the information turns out to be true... I would say without 100 percent doubt, that charges could be brought," Robert Jenkins insisted.  "If it's true and substantiated it's gonna change, perhaps in my opinion, not only this verdict, but some other verdicts as well."

Jenkins insisted, "If it is true it's going to change the focus of a lot of those cases."

Attorney Tim Meche is on the defense team in the Danziger bridge case.  He says the reports concern allegations "others in the U.S. Attorney's office... were blogging."

A subpoena for the information has been issued.

All three men declined to offer many specifics, saying they had to be careful what they say for legal reasons.

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