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Posted: Tuesday, 29 October 2013 7:08AM

LSU president says beer sales would cause ''problems''

LSU officials say they are not considering selling alcohol in Tiger Stadium, but are seriously considering raising ticket prices. 

LSU System President F. King Alexander supports the AD's pitch for giving the school power to raise up to 150 prices on tickets, parking and other charges.

"Our Athletic Director made a good case," he told reporters.  "We're going to take the next six weeks and look at this issue comprehensively."

He says that decision is up to the LSU Board of Supervisors.

Alexander does not seem interested in entertaining the public debate developing about selling beer at Tiger Stadium to raise revenue.

"You may be asking for a lot more problems," Alexander insisted. "I think our night games make that even more difficult and more challenging."

He says allowing alcohol sales only in the suites appears to be a plan they will continue.

"It seems to work fine."

Alexander said, however, "It's not something we've even discussed."

The idea of beer sales in the stadium is getting discussed in the publication Tiger Rag.

Tiger Rag Columnist Jim Engster says the way he adds it up, the school could make more than enough to cover the current financial demands.

''I think it would be a conservative estimate that one beer per customer would be sold.  That's about five million dollars a year, if you're charging seven dollars a pop,'' he said.

Engster insists that there is currently a double standard at Tiger Stadium where beer and hard liquor is only sold in the luxury suites.

''If it's good for the people in the luxury suites, shouldn't also be good for the people in the stands?''

Despite comments on the Internet claiming there is an SEC policy against selling beer at stadiums, LSU officials have said it is up to each school.

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