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Posted: Saturday, 22 October 2016 6:24AM

LSU offers new scholarship program for children of graduates

LSU has created a merit based scholarship for incoming freshman whose mom or dad graduated from LSU or are employed by the school. The Louisiana Tiger Legacy Scholarship Program will be a fixed amount that is only available to Louisiana residents. Director of Financial Aid and Scholarships Amy Marix says the scholarship program starts with the fall 2017 incoming class.
"Their student, depending on their ACT score and GPA, would receive a cash award varying from $500 a year to $1000 per year, for up to 8 semesters."
Other universities around the country are known for offering similar scholarships. Marix says the purpose of creating this scholarship is to support Louisiana students, especially with the current deficiencies with the TOPS program.
"We want to try to meet the needs of all of our students. Offer them the least net price that we can, knowing that they're counting on the TOPS scholarship and we want to offset that as much as we can."
LSU's operating scholarship dollars will fund this program. Marix says they want to keep generation after generation going to LSU. She says there are some very strong academic requirements in order to receive the scholarship.
"The academic requirements are a 24 ACT or SAT equivalent. So we feel like as the LSU Flagship campus, those requirements are absolutely attainable for our students."

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